• IrishForever

    Hello, CAW fans!

    I'm IrishForever and I'm new to the wiki. Wrestling has been something I have loved for a long time and I've been waiting to create a wrestling federation and share it with people.

    Well, today's the day.

    The Awesome Wrestling Federation (AWF) has brought 20 all-new wrestlers in to battle for the AWF and American Heavyweight titles. Each wrestler has found a tag team partner, who will fight beside them for the Brawl brand and Beatdown brand tag team titles. Each brand has been given 10 wrestlers each. Here are the wrestlers in the Brawl brand. I also add the wrestler the character is based off of beside it in parenthesis. If it's not a wrestler, it's a summary of their personality.


    Conor O'Neill (Finlay)

    Policeman Al Hughe…

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  • BrentHarvanator

    Content Moderators

    August 26, 2018 by BrentHarvanator

    Since their new alliance has seemingly brought activity back to the wikia I have decided to give Danny Jackpot & Biff Andreas the role of Content Moderator. With this role they have tools to do the following:

    • Deleting and moving protected pages
    • Deleting and moving files
    • Undeleting pages and files
    • Rollback
    • Re-upload files
    • Protecting and unprotecting pages

    Since I am hardly ever active here anymore, I have entrusted them to upkeep the wikia by giving them the tools to do so should they need it. They are unable to ban members, though they can shoot me a message on my wall should they require it. Happy editing!

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  • Bionimotion3071

    OPW Season 4 will be over within a matter of CPV's, there are only four left and with the accelerated speed of my shows - that will be here in no time.

    Therefore roster spots will be opening up. OPW Season 5 will aim to have the largest roster of original CAWs in OPW history, this being spread across all three brands. If anyone is interested please contact me either via personal message on twitter  at or below.

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  • Danny Jackpot

    New-NAW is looking for commentators and guys to sign on to our roster! Please contact me on twitter or here if your interested! All you need is a picture of your CAW to start!

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  • RebornByFate

    Hello. So, this was a topic I thought up. This came up because my CAW wrestler is having his 1st CAW Hell in a Cell soon(bit surprising since I've been involved with CAW for almost 5 years now). It's CXWI Brazil: Night of Champions, my guy versus Mewtwo in the Main Event, inside Hell in a Cell for Mewtwo's CXWI All-Star title.

    Build-wise, I think it went really well since it has been brewing for 5 months and it has the gimmick where I'm the Face challenger who is going into my first HIAC while the Heel champion has an undefeated streak in HIAC matches that has lasted for years in the promotion now. We got a reason for a HIAC, that's good.

    Being that it's only my CAW wrestler, how this match is booked or recorded, that's out of my hands. I h…

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  • BrentHarvanator

    So, I haven't been around very much as of late do to a combination of personal affairs, other hobbies and a general disinterest in the CAW community that has been at an all-time low over the last year. However, I make it a point to check on the wikia at least once a week to make sure everything is still running smoothly.

    That being said, I have come to learn today that frequent editor DarkAngelV1 has decided to not only make an off-shoot wikia of CAW, but steal the content that is here and transfer it over to his new project. You can find this wikia here. He has not only taken the content that he frequently edits, but also pages that are not created by him to form a replacement for this wikia. I find this act despicable and have decided to …

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  • AmyLavigne

    No More DCO Edits

    April 15, 2018 by AmyLavigne

    Alright, the DCO shit has gone far enough. The occasional random title changes were fine, but the fake CPVs and roster changes that I never okayed are not. It's cluttering up the feed and it's making it a lot harder for me to run the show. - Amez

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  • RebornByFate

    Hi. This is really my first time doing a blog or something like this on here. Basically, we've seen a lot of booking in CAW. Some can be really obvious (hate the whole have someone run in, tease hitting a Heel, then go around and hit the Face instead swerve. It fools nobody). However, there are times where you might see something different from the norm. What are those times for you as a CAW viewer?

    I'll be honest. This example I'm going to use, it's actually one that I booked. Basically, I'm feuding with Mewtwo for the CXWI All-Star title in that promotion. Mewtwo is who they've booked as their Top Fantasy Character in forever. 1st World champion, most World title reign…

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  • Abreeze24

    I’m back lol

    October 16, 2017 by Abreeze24

    Hey guys its hells

    After dropping off the face of the earth

    ive come back 

    so basiicly i b a cosplayer started my transtion and survived getting shot in the head

    and after talking with bifff i realized i missed all of you guys  now atm i only have my phone but im getting my pc back up and runing soon

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  • AmyLavigne

    DCO Pages

    June 30, 2017 by AmyLavigne

    Please stop editing the DCO pages to add title changes that didn't actually happen on the show.

    I'm okay with people doing this during periods when DCO has been long inactive, but not when I'm actually producing matches. I have matches recorded already waiting to be edited and posted, and I'd rather not throw out the recordings just to count these random title changes.

    Furthermore, a lot of it seems to just be a way to inflate the Triple Crown chart. Not everyone needs to be a Triple Crown champion; if anything, it devalues the Triple Crown if it's just going to be something handed out to everyone.

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  • Elliot May
    So.. 6 Dream Match-Card for me to read & show I'm even unable to read some of your words.

    Preston Pearce: Golden Ambitions 7 Match card

    CXWI Tag Team Championships Lester Barkley & Blaziken (c) VS SMCS & Paul Phoenix

    After showcasing his talent in the EDO, Scott brings Paul up to the main roster, to challenge Lester Barkley and Blaziken for the Tag Team Championships. Blaziken accepts Lester's offer of Blexit, and they become a dominant team in the silver lining.

    Yandere-Chan VS Rosalina (Deathmatch)

    This is going on the presence that Phil Meng is Yandere's senpai. Whether he is or not is up to Elliot, but if Phil is the senpai, then Rosalina will obviously take objection to it, leading to this moment.

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match Vince Ford VS…

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  • Biff Andreas

    Wrestling Community

    March 25, 2017 by Biff Andreas
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  • BrentHarvanator

    Small Apology

    December 29, 2016 by BrentHarvanator

    I want to make a small apology to some of the users who's pages got edited by a unknown fandom user, who had been making fictional edits on certain pages. I was able to catch the Jeri-Max one as it was happening but did not catch the New-NAW ones.

    Those slipped under my nose and i apologise for letting them do so. The IP address has been banned indefinitely and some pages protections have been changed so that only signed in users can edit them. I will be surveying the wikia activity more frequently and thoroughly from here on out.

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  • BrentHarvanator

    Greetings contributors!

    This blog is being posted to update currently active contributors some recent events on what has changed and what will change on the wikia in the next coming weeks.

    First and foremost, my recent request to adopt the wikia has gone through and i've been bestowed Admin rights to the wikia. Unlike the last time, XtremeTony had no part in the process (atleast to my knowledge) and the rights were given to me through my own merits. With that being said, this makes me the only active admin for the wikia and like last time my sole objective is to adhere to the wikia guidelines.

    Secondly, i'd like to apologise for the current state of the recent changes feed. My first act as admin was to finally delete the stockpile of pages catego…

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  • BrentHarvanator


    November 15, 2016 by BrentHarvanator

    Hello, all!

    Just been told i should inform you that i am attempting to adopt the wikia in hopes of getting an active staff here again to enforce the wikia's guidelines.

    If there are any concerns or opinions on the matter, feel free to respond to this with them.

    Thank you BrentHarvanator (talk) 20:00, November 15, 2016 (UTC)

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  • BrentHarvanator

    Can we just appreciate that people like this still exists?

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  • Dylan Black

    First Blog Post

    October 24, 2016 by Dylan Black

    So since this is my first post and i dont really know what to do or say, imma just do a bit of advertising about my league EFF, because I'm not sure if there is a page on this wiki for it. If you want to watch our videos, you can check out the old channel at and the new one that continues on from the original channel at We're currently transitioning from PS3 to PS4 so there aren't many videos up yet but there ya go.

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  • Zquest

    Hi everyone, i've been a fan of mostly all y'alls feds and love alot of them! however i noticed that the rules state that no offline leagues/wrestlers can post pages i respect these rules but does anyone know a place that allow it? I've been looking to start up a league and am in several of them with my CAW and would love to have a place for them.

    Thanks in advance if anyone knows of a place. 

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  • Biff Andreas

    Derek Hacked

    June 11, 2016 by Biff Andreas

    To anybody reading this, Derek's computer has recently been compromised. If he does anything weird today, it's not him. Last night he started sending me, Danny, and TC provocative pictures of his girlfriend and talking all kinds of shit about him. We have reason to believe that it's NickGemini12 who is doing this, as they recently had a falling out over a CAW match that ended with Nick killing off Derek on his show. Nick, if you read this we'd like some answers.

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  • MystMotone101

    Alright, this is Myst Motone, and a huge recent case of trolling has occured over the past few months. We have "The People's Cutie", Tails being a thing. A huge case of random accounts unknown about just started popping up, with a lot of dislikes on COH and CXWI videos. On top of that, has had a massive case of people trolling the accounts. Primary victims include me, Torrin, and many others. I went around blaming others already, but I feel like it's best if I mention it here, just in case someone here happens to know for some strange reason. 

    I don't want anything personal to come out of this, I just want all of this finished as soon as possible, for my sake and for the sake of others.

    Also, for the love of God, please take this seri…

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  • Elliot May

    So appearenly this is something that should be in a blog rather than have a actual page.. so okay:

    This is an interesting situation... But I want to see how many will do it..

    This is a petition set up by Austin Juhasz to have Jessica Pink fired from CAW, not just from 1 or 2 league like CXWI (mine) but all of CAW.

    Though I personally will not sign it as I will remain a neutral by-stander in this situation. I wanna see if you will

    The target for the page is currently set to 100 signatures.. but I think it needs more than that, so, if this page:, gets 125 signatures by April Fools day, I will fire Jessica Pink from CXWI.

    I know some of you will think "Why don't you just fire her?" Wel…

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  • AmyLavigne


    September 12, 2015 by AmyLavigne

    The Vivianverse is basically dead. There's been very little crossovers (if any at all) between the feds involved in a very, very long time, and I personally haven't had contact with the majority of the fed owners in over a year. There is no longer any need to edit the pages and keep an active track of title count and who's involved and who's not. The pages should be left in an archival state at this point. ~ Amez

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  • BrentHarvanator

    Hello, i'll try and make this short and to the point.

    I've done some work on the wrestler infobox to make it look alittle bit more like the infobox for wrestlers on wikipedia. Because of this, the properties have changed and you will have to edit your wikia pages accordingly.

    As you will notice i removed sections such as Alignment and Style because, in retrospect, were quite stupid things for me to add into an info box and old caused the template to be longer and more page consuming. This new one however only hits the essentials. Originally rows for Spouses and Children were in the template to match the Wikipedia wrestler info box, but they were removed since i had trouble source coding them to not show up in the section was left empty.


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  • Wildethang

    Ladies and gentlemen, Vinnie aka VPAC, master creator of promos and commercials for various CAW leagues such as CCL, EWWE, ACW, and SCAW among others is finally going to launch his own league! He has named this organization UCWL (Universal Championship Wrestling League), and it is set to officially launch in early-to-mid-2016. (More information will be revealed over this coming holiday season.) We here at CAW Wrestling Wikia would someday like to hopefully contribute to VPAC's newest venture by creating a Wikia page about the new UCWL, and someday, also, that league will have its own Wiki! Please help us make sure that this brand-spanking-new league will never be forgotten when it launches and even while it will be in full swing. Let us ma…

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  • Xtremetony

    First of all, I wanna appologize for the long delay, and spratic posting of my CAW league as of late. Life happens, and there is nothing I can do about that, but embrace the change, and take on these new interests. With all of that being said, I still love to do XGWL, and all of the steps in creating my CAW league.

    Now that I've gotten all of that out of the way, let's go into the subject at hand. Here is a list of CAW leagues that have influenced me to do XGWL before getting it up and running.

    Not the 1st CAW League I've seen, but the style of CAW League they ran with a combination of Indy Wrestlers, Celebrities, and Original CAWs was a match made in heaven with the style that I like, plus the commentator was great as well. The storylines m…

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  • Meckrocz3451

    Kido's Blog

    February 15, 2015 by Meckrocz3451


    Monday Night UCW was uploaded to Youtube


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  • ShadowProHD


    December 9, 2014 by ShadowProHD

    Hello my name is ShadowProHD or known as ShaunSCWF I will be releasing a Show Called SCWF in 2015 that will make a show called on Mondays and Fridays called Monday Night Beatdown and Friday is called Friday Night Anarchy

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  • Kooler186


    November 15, 2014 by Kooler186
    1. FishPlaysPokemon
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  • One True Slash

    Paige CAW SvR 2011

    September 16, 2014 by One True Slash

    If Anybody needs Paige CAW for Smackdown! Vs. RAW 2011 Then Leave Me A Message On Message Wall I Dunno How It Looks On PS2 or PS3 I Made It For Myself Today on PSP You Will See How It Looks When You Make It (I Made Myself Old Attire She Changed It 3 Times At First It was black then it was purple and now it's red after SummerSlam 2014 I Made Purple one but you can change color how you want)

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  • TheNewAge

    The FvH pages

    June 25, 2014 by TheNewAge

    Could we please cut it out with the constant edit war and added categories to these Face vs Heels pages? Its starting to flood the wiki and a FvH category for CPVs is not necessary. Don't you think its kind of asinine that there's like 50 fucking pages now?

    And Brent, you're not really helping by adding "Shitty CAW Wiki page" to all the pages because all its doing is making DarkAngel change it right back, adding to the problem.

    - Biff -

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  • Xaypay


    June 23, 2014 by Xaypay

    These are plans I have for the upcoming promotion i'm making. Do NOT COPY!

    WFCE is an idea created in 2013 but will debut in September of this year 2014. And will have CAWS and original superstars from WWE. WFCE will start on WWE 13 and will drop down to being on WWE 12 once roster is down and up again to WWE 14.

    This is the future and planned roster for WFCE Monday Nitro




    An Extreme Rules Last Man Standing and Falls Count Anywhere match that was created by Stone Cold Steve Austin and is a honarable match to compete in against Stone Cold in every CPV that are included: Last Human Left, WrestleMania, and Spring Break.

    This will be the excepted CPV's for the season's! :D

    • September - Best In The World
    • October - Roots To Death
    • November - In Y…

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  • Burbagain

    I only just now heard of this due to a video Biff posted.

    Apparently you and some other people have been accusing me of making fake accounts to fuck with people. Well, it wasn't me, and here's proof

    While it is something I've done multiple times in the past, and the conclusion you jumped to isn't one that surprises me, I'm genuinely innocent this time. I'd appreciate it if you'd stop telling everyone on that forum that I'm responsible. Biff and I haven't had an actual conversation in ages, and any trolling he does here or anywhere else has absolutely nothing to do with me.

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  • Rileyil77

    VWA Heat Episode 1

    May 22, 2014 by Rileyil77

    Official VWA Heat Episode!  This is VWA Heat Episode 1.   100% of this show was recorded using SmackDown VS RAW 2008 on PS2.

    In 2009 the VWA Changed forever!  Join us for a first show...  Originally aired on Osprey Networks TV over on, but after John RIley and Eli Sanford (Founding fathers of Osprey Networks) had a falling out, John Riley left Osprey Networks and took the VWA with him!

    I hope you all enjoy the show.  Thank you, again.

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  • Brent Delivine


    May 12, 2014 by Brent Delivine

    Sorry for the wikia feed being the way it is now, i take full resposability for dealing with the idiot.

    Love you all,


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  • KidAnt

    The title says it all.

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  • KidAnt

    CAW for Sale

    May 3, 2014 by KidAnt

    If anyone wants the CAW I made, the send me a message on my profile, saying that you want this guy. The CAW's name is Chrome Cross. I'll post more information later.

    P.S. The CAW is free.

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  • CokeEpic
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  • CokeEpic

    Just an update I'm getting a laptop meaning I should have some Ryan Doner Videos soon such as Entrance & Matches. But if anyone is interested in the formula hmu asap and I'll send it to ya. I been working on Doner and I think I finally got him the way I want him however I don't really have a move-set for him yet. but that will be made and put in a video as well.


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  • AmyLavigne

    Shoot Project

    March 11, 2014 by AmyLavigne

    Guys, this is getting fucking ridiculous. Stop with the stupid edit war.

    Let's just compromise- the Shoot Project can stay as a listed trainer of Jacob Algar on his own page, but he is not to be listed on the Shoot Project's own page as one of its trainees. Sound fair?

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  • Megafighter3

    Signing DSO talent.

    February 24, 2014 by Megafighter3

    So, I've been at this for nearing five months and I'm thinking it's about time to start scouting around for some of the DSO guys to take the next step, to go from working in the stripped-down Dojo to an actual league that people watch. If anyone's interested, just name the talent and they're yours. Yes, this includes champions (Though they'll need to wait until they at least drop the titles) and Adam Edge/Nick Hardy, who are still under contract but are storyline fired.

    A few minor guidelines on hiring. These are optional but more of a personal preference for myself.

    • The league they're signed to be a modern WWE game. Again, more of a personal thing but if you think they'd be able to work better on a No Mercy league or the like, then I'll be…
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  • Smackdownisblue
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  • OuterLimitzWrestling

    Welcome to the first episode of OLW Heat and tonight we'll be crowning all championships to superstars, but starting off first will be the Tag Team titles.

    American Wolves vs Jerry Lynn and RVD: Double Pheonix Championship ( Tag Team )

    Richards and Lynn stares it off with back to back headlocks until Richards hits a nice back suplex. Then Lynn punches him into the corner and hits him with Bob Holly like chops. Lynn with a nice dropkick to the back, then tags in RVD. Rvd wih rapid kicks now sending Richards to the ropes but .Richards comes back with a clothesline. Now Edwards tagged in and he's hitting RVD with big chops to the chest mocking Jerry Lynn. Jerry Lynn trying to get in the ring but the ref not allowing him, but that allows Richard…

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  • Megafighter3

    Okay, so it looks liek there's some disagreement on editing the MCW page. While I will say I agree with Brent in regards to having Derek put all the MCW roster in the Foghorn Sanders group, I do have to disagree with removing stuff like birthdates, billing location and finishers/signatures, especially since Masterath is refusing to actually supply any of these things himself.

    I mean, the Foghorn stuff is vandalism, but the fact is you need to give your wrestlers something of an identity. Where are they from? How old are they? At the very least, they need to have a finishing move! Masterath, unless you're willing to supply the information, Derek's additions need to stay. Otherwise your pages will look like unfinished shit.

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  • Byron.herrarte

    Hey guys

    December 2, 2013 by Byron.herrarte

    I am going to be updating the ACW articles on a daily basis. There will be a few more articles coming soon.

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  • WurdOfmouf

    WWE Raw Roster

    October 18, 2013 by WurdOfmouf

    AJ LEE - Union City NJ- Finsher Move:Black Window

    Askana -lithuania -BillonDollar Kick

    Batista -Washington DC-  Batista Bomb

    Big Show -South Carolina- KO Punch

    Bret Hart - Calgary Alberta ,Canada -Sharpshooter

    Brock Lensar- Detroit -F-5

    Brie Bella -San Diego Calfornia -Bella Buster

    Brodus Clay - Planet Funk - AH Funk It ( Running CrossBody)

    Chris Brown A.K.A. C.Breezy -Tappahannock,VA- Breezy Stunner ( Stone Cold Stunner)

    Chris Jericho -  Calgary,Alberta,Canada -Walls Of Jericho

    Cody Rhodes- marietta Georgia -Cross Rhodes

    Eva Marie-Tampa Fl,rollup

    Daniel Bryan- Aberdeen Washington ,Yes Lock

    GoldBerg -Alanta GA, JackHammer,Spear

    Goldust- Holltwood ,CA,Curtain Call

    Hollywood Hulk Hogan -Hollywood,CA. Running Leg Drop

    JBL-SweetWater Texas-Clotheline From Hel…

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  • Marlon Humes

    The new caw wrestling league that I plan on airing is referred to as Caw Championship Wrestling Society, which is abbreviated to "CCWS". The release date is expecting sometime within fall in 2014 or either the beginning year of 2015. It is because of the fact that I don't have all of the equipment needed as of yet, however, I did got the chance to have the names of my future CCWS superstars. The brands that I have chose to create are CCWS "Fury", and CCWS "Showdown", and a show where the low, and mid carders show their talent, CCWS "Showcase". The allignments are still to be decided, however, I have gotten their brands decided. Here is the name of the superstars.

    1. Amir Romero - Showdown                                                     …

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  • Atlleader27


    July 10, 2013 by Atlleader27

    So if I made a wiki about NGC, would I have to include the past history aswell? I can't use my best judgement because if I need to use the past history, then I wouldn't be able to do it. Please, help.

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  • Emily O'Shea

    So I know I have been gone for like ever and stuff, so I wanted to come on here and update everyone on where I have been over the past few weeks. See I am currently in the process of moving houses (my dad, my little brother and I are moving back to my hometown so we can be closer to our family) and it is taking a lot of effort to get everything situated because of it. Also prior to that I was putting all my effort into Fanime (a anime convention I attended a few weeks ago) and making sure my cosplays for that where picture perfect.

    Anywho I should be back full time sometime next month if not August.

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  • Xtremetony

    Back when I started XGWL back in 2007, (WOW! I feel old) I had a choice of either going with Fantasy or Original, and here is the reason I went with "Original"

    • It was saturated with Fantasy CAW Leagues at the time
    • I couldn't figure out on who to have on the roster who haven't been in CAW yet.
    • I've already had a roster of Original CAWs on SDvR2007
    • People were already asking me to have their CAWs in XGWL once it started

    There was some fantasy CAW leagues that I liked, and wanted to model after, but I wanted to go in my own direction to get things started. On the next blog post, I'll list some CAW Leagues that I've taken little bits to piece together into how to get the ball rolling for XGWL.

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  • Xtremetony

    There is some CAW Leagues that has a solo commentator, and other leagues that has a commentating team. While either has their advantages and disadvantages, I'll go with why I like the commentator team approach better...

    1. Having a dialouge going
      • With opposing points of view, the dialouge become fun when doing the show
      • Have the play-by-play commentator be the more "serious" of the team and call the moves
      • Have the color commentator be the jokster who gives the "serious" commentator a hard time about being "serious" and make random comments
      • The daialouge makes things interesting
    2. Fills out the "dead" air time
      • There are times with a solo commentator runs out things to talk about during the entrances, or when the action in the ring is slow
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