CAWllision 2018
Tagline(s) We’re better as a community!
Promotion The NAWverse
Date August 19-20 2018
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Last Event New-NAW Chapter 6
Next Event New-NAW Chapter 8

CAWllision 2018 is a supercard, comprising multiple high-level matches and/or special attractions from different CAW leagues. The event was produced by members of The NAWverse, and outside leagues collaborating with one another. The event includes matches from SMF, WEDF, New-NAW, WEDF (NXT), OPW: Omega Pro Wrestling, WCW, and XGWL

This event had commentary from Bob Ross of SMF, Connor Witte of WEDF, Joe Omega of OPW, Lemarcus Carter of WCW ,Hector Diaz of XGWL, and Brenden Stewart of GWA.

Alternate comedy of New-NAW matches were done by Danny Jackpot, Connor Witte, and Jonny D.

Global Wrestling Australia, FORCE, Empire Wrestling will consist of the Pre-Show to the event.

The event is also New-NAW's Chapter 7 event for their first season in the New-NAW Page by Page.

Official Match Card

# Matches Stipulations Championship CAW League
Pre1 Jack Cage & Pub Club (Aussie Andy & Tasmanian Tiger Mask) def. Dallas Holiday & Disciples of Darkness (Dark Soul & Magpie) 6 Man Tag Match N/A Global Wrestling Australia
Pre2 Steve Rourke (c) def. TJ Nicholson Singles Match FORCE World Championship FORCE
Pre3 Finn Balor (c) def. Al Cabrera Singles Match EMPIRE Heavyweight Championship EMPIRE Wrestling
1 Rosemary def. Beth Phoenix, Emma, Summer Rae, Kharma & Xena Women's Six Pack Challenge Vacant WCW Women's Championship WCW
2 Akuma Santos def. Amir Barnes Blue Steel Cage #1 Contenders for OPW All-Asia Championship OPW: Omega Pro Wrestling
3 The Anarchists (Sherman Sampson, El Toro Extremo, & Rick Acid) def. XtremeTony, Trey Steele, & Tommy Kazarian 6 Man Tag Match N/A XGWL
4 Chris Jericho (c) def Alberto Del Rio & Sami Zayn Triple Threat WEDF United States Championship WEDF
5 Aleister Black (c) def. Kassius Ohno, EC3 & Ling Kai Fatal Four Way NXT Championship (WEDF) WEDF (NXT)
6 Norm "The Storm" Dailey (c) def. Andrew Liana & Biff Andreas Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match Triple Threat for New-NAW East Coast Championship New-NAW
7 Larry It def. Steven Raden (c) Last Man Standing New-NAW West Coast Championship New-NAW
Main Chuck Norris def. Green Ranger, George Bush, Donald Trump, Christopher Lowell & Bill Cosby Battle Royal SMF Hardcore Championship Story Mode Federation

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Championships: Southern Heavyweight Championship · DCO World Championship