Developing CAW Organization (Vivianverse)
Acronym DCO
Establishment October 30th, 2010
Owner(s) Burb
Staff Burb
Formerly N/A
Website idfc

DCO is a Virtual In-Ring Combat Organization used to develop upcoming CAW Superstars to showcase their talents in the hope of being signed to bigger leagues. Originally started as the developmental ground for New Age Wrestling, it eventually closed and was later relaunched by Wrestling Entertainment Dynasty Federation. It was later closed again and was given to Burb.

On July 5th, 2017, it was announced that fellow developmental league Jeff Jarrett Pro Wrestling and DCO would merge, effectively ending JJPW, as well as bringing a multitude of JJPW superstars into the DCO roster (including Sgt. Hardin, Cpl. Wilczynski, Thunder Lang, Brother Ray, Barberino, and Devil Child).

Starting in the summer of 2017, DCO branched out to include two additional "brands": I Don't Give A Shit and DCO International. I Don't Give A Shit shares most of the same roster as the original DCO, but features its own exclusive championships and some talent not seen on the original DCO. DCO International has its own roster and is separate from DCO and I Don't Give A Shit, though superstars from International are free to make appearances on the other shows.


Main Roster

Superstar Name Finisher Alignment
Dco-adamedge Adam Edge RKO Heel
Dco-artfistmouth Art Fistmouth Stalling Sidewalk Slam Face
Dco-asshemmingway Ass Hemmingway punch Face
Jjpw-barberino Barberino The Cradle Shock Heel
Dco-bastiongoodhand Bastion Brainbuster Heel
Bloodsucker Clitoris Flatliner Heel
Dco-bobholly Bob Holly The Hollycaust Face
Dco-bobbymeatcastle Bobby Meatcastle Shooting Star Press Face
DCO-bonecrusher Bonecrusher Stevenson Throat Thrust Heel
DCO-jobber Brennan Murphy Being Pinned, Tapping out, getting counted out, being disqualified Jobber
Jjpw-buh buh ray dudley Brother Ray Bubba Bomb Heel
A4C2477D-CC0E-4D8F-A27D-3B50A58C822F Brutus Evans A Big Russian Leg Sweep Heel
Dco-brycekanyon Bryce Kanyon Walls of Text Heel
Buster McCracken Heel
Dco-carl Carl Kick to the Midsection Face
DCO-cashmoney cash money The Dime Dropper (Standing Elbow Drop) Face
Dco-charlesmorales Charles "Taint Licker" Morales The Salad Tosser Face
Dco-chrishardy Chris Hardy Swanton Bomb Face
Dco-connershagwell Conner Shagwell Arm Wrench w/ Elbow Face
Jjpw-corporal Cpl. Wilczynski The Cradle Shock Heel
Craig Powers The Powerbomb Face
Dco-cuntmaxwell Cunt Maxwell German Suplex Face
Dco-derek Derek the V Extreme Punches Face
Jjpw-devilchild Devil Child The Cradle Shock Heel
Dco-devondaydream DEVON DAYDREAM Heel
Dwaylawn Mercer Dropkick Heel
Dco-johnkimble Douglas Quaid The Big Surprise Face
Drew "The Polesmoker" Columbo A Variety of Holds Heel
Essa Rios Moonsault Heel
Dco-fakedannyjackpot Fake Danny Jackpot Fake Cash Out Heel
Foghorn Sanders None Face
Dco-duncan Frank Garrett Combination Punches Face
Dco-freddurst Fred Durst Roll-Up Face
Dco-haduken Haduken The Suck Fuck (Cutter) Face
Dco-hossvanderhuge Hoss Vanderhuge A Big Time Powerbomb Face
Dco-mellencamp Hungry Hungry Mellencamp The Knuckle Sandwich Heel
Irvette Plinkton Rear Naked Chokehold Heel
Dco-jackhannock Jack Hannock Heel
Jason Lester Superplex Heel
Kellie Klarksen Drop Toe Hold Face
Dco-leopoldstainz Leopold Stainz Heel
Dco-lipsdolittle Lips Dolittle just an absolutely massive ddt Face
Dco-mgm Meat Grinder Mike Heel
Milk of Magnesia The Milk of Magnesia Over-the-Counter Treatment Heel
Dco-mrdeath Mr. Death Heel
Phillip Parker Back Body Drop Heel
Richie Heinz Running Forearm to the Head Face
Dco-ronrage Ron Rage Heel
Dco-roosterlovesauce Rooster Lovesauce The Penis Pump (Fisherman's DDT) Heel
Jjpw-hardin Sgt. Hardin The Cradle Shock Heel
Dco-sharonsavagesnell Sharon Savage-Snell lick my pussy Heel
Dco-slabpuente Slab Puente Moonsault, STO Face
Dco-sledgebloworth Sledge Bloworth Fujiwara Armbar Heel
DCO-sullythebigmananderson Sulley "The Big Man" Anderson The Knife Edge Chop Face
Dco-sob The Son of a Bitch Big Forearm to the Head Heel
Jjpw-nigger Thunder Lang The Cradle Shock Face
DCO-tjprophet TJ Prophet Diving Elbow Heel
Wilma Parsons Running Sitout Powerbomb Face
Dco-wrestlingjournalistdrewalexander Wrestling Journalist Drew Alexander Thumb to the Eye Heel
Dco-xfactor The X-Factor The X-Factor Heel

DCO International

Superstar Name Finisher Alignment
Dco-brickowski Brickowski Powerbomb Heel
Dco-bryanclarke Bryan Clarke Meltdown Face
Dco-coryledesma Cory Ledesma Double Dragon Screw Face
Dco-dakeken Dake Ken Face
Dco-daswunderkind Das Wunderkind Face
Dco-drfrank Dr. Frank Giant Swing, Torture Rack Heel
Dco-executioner The Executioner Heel
Dco-hanzomon Han Zo Mon Spin-Out Falcon Arrow Face
Dco-hawkhana Hawk Hana Sumo Strike Combination Face
Dco-jekel Jekel Doctor Bomb Heel
Dco-mayaincaboy Maya Inca Boy Powerbomb Face
Dco-mingchee Ming Chee Heel
Dco-raven Raven Evenflow DDT Heel
Dco-shogun Shogun Crucifix Powerbomb Heel
Jjpw-steiner Steiner Screwdriver, Steiner Recliner Heel


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