Danny Jackpot
Danny Jackpot in 2015.
Billing information
Ring Names Danny Jackpot
Mr. Wrestling IV
Danny Lawyu
Danny Walker
Dan Doomsday
The White Widow
Height 6 ft 1 in
Weight 223 lbs
Born July 14th, 1983 (Age 32)
Hometown Chicago, Illinois
Resides Chicago, Illinois
Billed From Chicago, Illinois
Wrestling information
Alignment Face: Jeri-MAX
Heel: New-WWE, New-NAW, WEDF, OPW,
Trainer(s) Self Trained
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Professional career
Debut 2005
Retired Yet to retire.

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"I'll quit this business the day they stop making wrestling games." - Danny Jackpot, 2015

"Doing the same thing I been doing since day one and I still manage a way to get new fans." - Danny Jackpot, 2013

Daniel Jackpot (Kayfabe) (born July 14, 1983) is a CAW professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Danny Jackpot. He currently wrestles for multiple NAWVerse companies including WEDF, New-NAW, OPW, and Empire Wrestling. He is also the cousin of fellow CAW wrestler Zach Starr.

Before Joining the leagues he is currently in today, he got his start at a company called Extreme Championship Federation. His initial on screen character was someone who was hated so much of the other stars that everyone wanted a piece of him, even the World Champion at the time Scorpion.

Overall Danny Jackpot has won 20 World Championships over a decorated CAW Career; he also owns the physical ACWL World Heavyweight Championship after it was given to him for use in New Age Wrestling. To interact with Danny Jackpot, You can find him at this link; or Also Danny Jackpot will no longer be taking in new appearances or sign any contracts.

Danny Jackpot would join into the famous CAW Group Damage Gauge after they broke up. This would reform the tag team and they would remain a CAW Stable since. They have appeared in multiple feds together including TCW* and Danny's own fed, New-NAW.

Outside of CAW, Danny has been known to be good friends with fellow CAW Superstars & Legends; Burb, Biff Andreas, Matt Eichorn, Frank Dawg, Derek The V Extreme, Tyler King, & others.

Current Vivianverse Leagues

Wrestling Entertainment Dynasty Federation

Danny Jackpot debuted along with Christian to defeat Mike Knox and Snitsky on a episode of Rawar. He pinned Knox off the One Kick K.O. He would wrestle Smokey at WEDF Fate of Champions Pre-Show but the match was ended when Kozlov interfered making a statement to Jackpot his Cawlission II opponent. Val Venis and Disco Inferno had come to Danny's aid and the three men attacked Kozlov and then danced in the ring. On WEDF Flame in a Cawllision II Preview Match. The New APA had reformed when Danny Jackpot(Representing OCL) and Pornoman(Representing SFW) fought in a losing effort to Smokey(Representing XWE) and Jeff Winninger (Representing WCF) which caused huge brawl involving many others happened. Ending with Ronald (Representing SMF) and Danny Jackpot being the last 2 involved and Ronald throwing Jackpot over the top rope. Once the arena cleared out Danny and Pornoman attacked Jeff. The decision would be reversed later by WEDF officials and New-APA would be given the victory. Danny Jackpot had then after that had beaten Santino Morella in a quick match.

Danny Jackpot's single winning streak continues as he won the WEDF Intercontinental Title from Chris Jericho in the first match of the debut show of Superstars. Danny Jackpot went to Rawar on Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel, the show was interrupted by Jeff Hardy, Vince Mcmahon, and William Regal. Vince announced Jackpot would defend his title against Umaga later on in the show and Danny Jackpot successfully retained after a One Kick K.O. Danny took his first lost in the WEDF 32 man tournament in the first match of the first round losing to John Morrison. Danny whos been retaining his belt week after week and even have become the WEDF Hardcore Champion 3 times in his career. He would suffer a lost to Orton right before a tag team match on WEDF Rawar and lost the Hardcore title, this beat-down also cost him the tag match as it seemed he didnt have much left in him. At the shock of everyone, WEDF One Night Stand proved to be a huge night for Jackpot when he someone successfully retained against the Big Show in a steel cage match when it seemed almost impossible. Danny would beat RVD on a episode of Rawar in a Beat the clock Sprint but then later the time was defeated by others.

Allan Caesar came on the show randomly and called out Jackpot and Cena, a WEDF Triple Threat match was booked where Jackpot pinned Caesar and won the WEDF Champion and also still currently holding the Intercontinental Title. Danny would go on and shortly lose the belt to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Danny Jackpot is set to defend the Intercontinental Championship at the Survival of the Fittest CPV in a fatal four way hell in a cell against Suspect, CM Punk, and Rob Van Dam. Despite losing the WEDF Championship, Danny promises he will regain the WEDF Championship. Danny would win the WEDF Hardcore Title against El Jefe due to the 24/7 rule and on the same night Danny would finally lose the WEDF Intercontinental Championship, along with the WEDF Hardcore Championship, to Rob Van Dam in a hardcore match. Danny would fail to capture the WEDF Intercontinental Championship at WEDF Survival of the Fittest and then later in the night, Danny would be hit by a car causing him to take severe injury and not return for a few months.

Danny would return at WEDF Royal Reckoning and would win the 30 man over the top rope Rumble to
DJ Wrasslemania

Danny Jackpot points to the Rasslemania sign as he wins the Royal Reckoning Match

earn the opportunity to Headline Rasslemania. This would lead to alot of backlash for Danny Jackpot as the fans had turned on him after that win. The backlash of this would actually result in WEDF making the decision to take Jackpot out of the main event spot at Rasslemania, So the next night on Raw, Kurt Angle was revealed as the attacker of Jackpot and even defeated him to earn his Main Event Rasslemania spot. He would quickly surrender it though after stating he wants to take Jackpot out before going back for the title. On WEDF Raw 71, Kurt Angle would cut a promo onto Danny Jackpot, however Danny retailated with a one kick KO after Mr. McMahon had ordered Danny to leave the ring after Danny said he would vow vengeance on Angle. On WEDF Raw 74, Danny would face off against the undefeated Monster Abyss, however Danny was dominated by Abyss. After the match, Kurt Angle laid out another assault onto Danny and that led to Mr. McMahon coming out. Vince told Danny that next time on Raw that it would be Danny vs. Vince McMahon himself. Later in the night, Kurt Angle's car exploded and Danny was the one who placed the bombs into Angle's car. On WEDF Bragging Rights, which resulted in Raw superstars facing Smackdown superstars for brand supremacy, Danny Jackpot was forced to face The Undertaker as punishment for exploding Angle's car. Danny would put up a valiant effort, but in the end the Demon of Death Valley was too much for Danny to handle and yet again Vince McMahon, Kurt Angle and company would get the last laugh. On the final episode of Raw before Rasslemania, Danny faced the Chairman Vince McMahon in a no disqualification match. However, yet again the evil Chairman got the best of Danny as the Chairman's unlimited resources of a returning Big Daddy V and Batista were too much for Danny. Kurt Angle then laid a huge beatdown on Danny after the match telling him it's over at Rasslemania. At WEDF Rasslemania, Danny would fall short of Kurt Angle and he would eventually have to tap out to the half boston crab in his submission match in a hard fought effort in which Danny almost made Angle tap to the sharpshooter.

On the very first episode of Season 2, Danny Jackpot got drafted to Smackdown. Not only was he drafted but his rival Kurt Angle was also drafted. Danny showed right after he got drafted that he and Angle are not finished yet. On WEDF Episode 81 - Smackdown, Danny competed in a fatal four way to determine the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, however came up short after he was eliminated by John Cena, following an Attitude Adjustment. Before Danny was eliminated, Kurt Angle gave Danny a german suplex to further the damage, and send a message as well to Danny. Unfortunately for Danny, Kurt Angle won the elimination match and will face Christian on the next Smackdown, but with the feud far from over, Danny and Angle were scheduled to fight at WEDF Lashing Back 2 but Angle had attacked him before the match and the match never took place. Danny would then win an award for Most Overrated Superstar, but he would be called out by the Miz. Danny had the match in hand until the Miz put in an ankle lock and Vince McMahon then came out and called for the bell, which resulted in a screw job decision as Danny had clearly not tapped out to the Ankle Lock. Danny would result in spitting in Vince McMahon's face. However, Danny found a much needed relief from McMahon and company after Danny and Suspect faced off in a five star match at the Tribute to the Troops special. On Episode 92 - Smackdown, Danny would compete in a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship against Christian and rival Kurt Angle. Danny had appeared to become a two time World Champion in WEDF, as well as a 16-time World Champion in CAW, however Vince McMahon came out and stripped Danny of his title victory, claiming Angle had his hand under the ropes. Vince ordered the match restart and Christian then retained his World Heavyweight Championship in the process. On the next episode of Smackdown, episode 96, a pissed off Danny Jackpot demanded he face Kurt Angle at Last Resort. Out came Vince McMahon and Vince challenged Danny to a match against Vince himself inside the steel cage. The stipulations were if Danny won, he would face Kurt Angle at Last Resort in a match of Danny's choosing, but if the Boss had won, Danny would be fired on the spot from WEDF. Danny would defeat Mr. McMahon with ease in the steel cage, and would choose Hell in a Cell as the match he wanted against Kurt Angle for Last Resort. After Kurt Angle tried to attack Danny in which Danny escaped, Danny would show Kurt Angle a monster truck running over Kurt Angle's new 2011 vehicle. At Last Resort, Danny would finally get the best of Angle, defeating the Wrestling Machine inside the Hell in a Cell.

Unfortunately for Danny, a new enemy emerged in Oshujax. Oshujax gave Danny perhaps one of the biggest, if not biggest beat-downs of his career. Oshujax has claimed it being personal with Danny. The rivalry between Oshujax and Danny not only has become intense, but on Smackdown 111, we saw Danny and Oshujax win the World Tag Team Championships, beating the New Breed. Danny and Oshujax however were mostly in the match for themselves. The next week, Danny and Oshujax would lose the World Tag Team Titles to the New Breed after Oshujax turned on Danny and cost himself and Danny the match. At WEDF Summerfest, Danny lost to Oshujax in an ironman match. Danny and Oshujax will meet each other at Unforgiven in an Ultimate Submission Match. On the road to Unforgiven, Oshujax and Danny's cousin, Zach Starr beat John Cena and Danny, and the two decided who they would face at Unforgiven. Oshujax challenged Danny to an Ultimate Submission Match. On Episode 121 - Smackdown, Danny Jackpot and Oshujax got into a verbal war. Later in the night, Oshujax walked out on Big Show and got counted out, however Danny threw Oshujax back in the ring, as Danny's former rival knocked out Oshujax. At WEDF Unforgiven, Danny once again lost to Oshujax in a 20-minute Ultimate Submission Match. He competed at WEDF Bragging Rights 2 representing Team SmackDown alongside Christian and Dolph Ziggler. He intentionally got himself disqualified by hitting Samoa Joe with a steel chair, and, after the match, assaulted his partner Christian, thus turning Danny heel for the first time in his WEDF career. This led to a minor feud with Christian, in which Christian defeated Danny to qualify for the Championship Scramble. Danny would lose the second WEDF Royal Rumble but did not find success. However, a few months later, Danny would find himself in a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship with Kurt Angle and John Cena where he would come out victorious. Over the next few months, Danny would be a dominant champion, defending his title many times until it would come to an end at the hands of Shawn Michaels. Danny would then proceed to get his win back against another legend in his own right, Ric Flair. More recently, at WEDF Scars and Stripes, Danny Jackpot was involved in 6-Pack Challenge match to determine a new #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title. The match consisted of Jackpot, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, Oshujax, Kurt Angle and Evan Bourne. Jackpot was last eliminated by Evan Bourne, and as per stipulation, Bourne would get a World Heavyweight Championship match at WEDF Survivor Series 3. On Episode 287 of WEDF SmackDown, Danny annouced that he quit WEDF.

Danny Jackpot in his attire he used during 2010-2012.

On Episode 311 of WEDF Smackdown, Danny returned to WEDF due to Shane McMahon rehiring him. Danny then stated that he will save Smackdown from the evil rule of CM Punk and once again become the World Heavyweight Champion despite people like him or not.At RassleMania he was attacked by the debuting Wyatt Family turning face for the first time since 2011.


Danny Jackpot signed to New-WWE on December 23rd, 2009. Danny Jackpot was a big part of the efed version of New-WWE being a former World Champion and even being a multiple time champion on the Nitro/Impact brand. He will be making his New-WWE debut soon on the Smackdown brand. Danny made a successful return on an episode of Supertstars defeating Biff Andreas. Da Black APA was voted in by the fans, dominating the polls, to face Mr.MITB & Damar for the Unified Tag Team Championship, Jackpot and Javori won the belts in Jackpot's first New-WWE Title match at New-WWE Cyber Sunday. They would drop the titles at New-WWE Judgment Day in a 4 way tag team turmoil match to Raven & Jeff Jarrett. (Ironically, Raven competes in Danny Jackpot's League NAW, and the Raven/Jarrett team was formed by Danny Jackpot when he wrote/co-owned the New-WWE E-fed and were former Nitro/iMPACT Tag Champs.) Danny would go on to feud Masterbubu for a bit before he would finally win the New-WWE Intercontinental Championship at New-WWE/NAW Night of Champions. Danny would hold the belt for quite a while before losing to LeMarcus Carter at New-WWE Summerslam after El Jefe had attacked him with a lead pipe and nailed the El Jefe Driver. Danny would feud with Jefe where they would both go on to defeat each other in singles competition. At the New-WWE Royal Rumble 2, Danny Jackpot would have seemed to win the Rumble match only to have Fred come out and throw him over the top rope making his "#2 Entry Replacement" Yuna win the rumble before she even stepped in the ring. Danny would throw Yuna over the ropes in a Mixed Tag Match on the next Smackdown out of rage. Fred would suspend Danny from Smackdown after that action.

Danny would return to the Raw brand of New-WWE when he returned in the Raw Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Title at No Way Out 2 and winning the championship. Danny would retain against Mercurius at WrestleMania V. He would have the belt for a while until dropping it to TRS at New-WWE Cyber Sunday 2. Danny would win the belt back from TRS shortly but would lose it after Jason Hawkinz cashed in his Money in the Bank in a match between Orton and Jackpot to win the championship. Danny would go on and lose to Hawkinz in his WWE Championship rematch. He would then try to accomplish something that wasn't done in New-WWE, And that was win the Triple Crown twice and Danny Jackpot went to try to win the United States Championship. On two different Pay Per View appearances, Danny Jackpot failed to capture the title against the Miz. Danny would move on from the United States title for a while as he feuded with TRS and Jason Hawkinz who turned on Jackpot on a episode of Raw outta no where. At Summerslam 3, Danny Jackpot defeated Jason Hawkinz. He would go onto feuding with Edge over the WWE Championship, Edge would drop the title but the feud would continue until Edge took out Danny Jackpot at New-WWE Over the Limit. Danny would return and claim revenge finally at New-WWE Royal Rumble 3. Danny would finally become a Double-Triple Crown Winner, But his goal of being first was stopped by his former partner Javori Smart who would win the Double-Triple Crown achievement minutes before Danny Jackpot would at New-WWE Elimination Chamber. Danny defeated "Dasing" Cody Rhodes for the United States Championship at this event. At New-WWE WrestleMania VI, Danny Jackpot would defeat his cousin Zach Starr. Danny would go on to become the World Tag Team Champion with Pablo Alfonzo Ganzales at New-WWE The Bash 3 when they defeated Chris Jericho and The Miz. After losing the Tag Team Championship to Vertex, Danny would feud with them. Eventually bringing in Bret Michaels to help him, Danny would eventually turn on Bret making himself heel for the first time in his New-WWE stint. The heel turn would help Danny as he would become the WWE Champion and the first ever Three Time Triple Crown Champion at the New-WWE/NAW Royal Rumble 4 when he defeated Randy Orton.

Sometime later, Danny would win the WWE Championship for a fourth time and then he would go on to challenge Pablo Alfonzo Gonzales after New-WWE Bragging Rights to a match at New-WWE WrestleMania IX. Danny would defeat Pablo in this match. He had short stint as Tag Team Champion with Edge where he would become the first ever Four Time Triple Crown Champion in New-WWE History. Once they lost the belts, Danny turned on Edge and attacked him post-match causing Edge to leave New-WWE. Danny would start a small rivalry with Randy Orton where he would intentionally get DQ'd and assault Orton with a chair. Edge would make a return and a save and throw Danny out of the ring saving Randy Orton. He would then refuse to compete in on the next Smackdown in a Battle Royal to determine a World Champion Number One Contender but he would be eliminated anyway Danny would then proceed to walk out of New-WWE and has yet to make any statement since losing the Battle Royal.

However, this would turn out to all be a ruse, as Danny Jackpot made his return at a New-WWE Night of Champions 6, winning the WWE Championship! Jackpot would then reveal that he was the leader of the New Corporation all along! Jackpot then would proceed to defend his title multiple times, against the likes of John Blackrose, Antonio Cesaro, and TRS. At Summerslam 7, Danny would lose the WWE Championship to CM Punk. Over the next few months of programming, Danny would attempt to win the WWE Championship back from Punk to no avail. This eventually lead to a #1 Contender's Match with John Cena at Survivor Series, where he would come up short. Jackpot would not be heard from much over the next few weeks until at TLC, where he ordered The New Corporation to take out Cena, ruining his chances of winning the WWE Championship. Jackpot would then find himself dealing with Cena and his new ally, TRS. The issue between Jackpot and TRS would go for many months before finally being settled at Wrestlemania X.

Over the next few months, Danny would chase the World Heavyweight Championship. He finally won it a few months later, only for his old rivalry with Biff Andreas to be renewed. Biff and Danny would put on a war at Money in the Bank, which Danny would come out victorious in. Jackpot would lose the title at No Way Out to Dolph Ziggler in a match where Biff Andreas was the guest referee.


Danny Jackpot made a special appearance on the Jeri-MAX New Year's Special. He went on to defeat Justin Gower's Charizard, Hitmonchan, and Gyarados in a Steel Cage Pokemon Battle using Bulbasaur, Poliwhirl, and Dragonite. While representing IWE, Danny entered the Season 1 Jeri-MAX Spiral Rumble match at number 27, and would go on to win the match after eliminating Aladdin Hassan. Danny would then sign a contract with Jeri-MAX, officially adding him to the roster.

After defeating Jurt Angle in his Jeri-MAX debut on Episode 17, Danny was jumped from behind by the Jeri-MAX European Champion and the man he last eliminated  to win the Spiral Rumble, Aladdin Hassan. The following week on VORTEX, Danny wound up once again being jumped by Aladdin after his match with Hardcore Champion Lucas Gomez ended in a Double Count-Out. Earlier on the same episode, Hassan announced that he would face Danny in match at Jeri-MAX Horizon and that both the European Championship, as well as Danny's JeriMania Main Event Spot would be on the line. On the next episode, Danny was forced to fight DreCon the Giant while still suffering the effects of Aladdin's attacks and lost. After once again being assaulted by Hassan, Danny stunned the crowd by getting up; showing his heart and determination. The next week, Danny got his revenge by assaulting Aladdin after his match with Vince McSeven. Danny would go on to defeat Hassan at Horizon, though only by count-out, meaning that Hassan would keep his title and Danny would keep his Title Match.

At Horizon, Claude Frollo wound up beating El Jefe for the World Heavyweight Championship, and promised that Jeri-MAX and everyone involved would be destroyed when he was victorious against Danny at JeriMania. On Episode 21, El Jefe revealed that he was using his rematch clause to insert himself into the Main Event, making it a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. After beating Jefe on the same episode, Danny tried to form an alliance with the Big Nasty Bastard, but Jefe refused. After beating Pacman Jones on Episode 22, Danny was jumped from behind by Jefe in the middle of a promo. On the following episode, Danny, along with Larry It, defeated Jefe and his partner Lucas Gomez in a tag team match. After the main event of Episode 25, Danny ran down and attacked Claude Frollo from behind, giving Jeri-MAX the upper-hand for the first time since his unmasking.

Despite winning the Main Event at JeriMania and saving Jeri-MAX, Danny did not win the World Championship as Sheamus had already won it from Frollo earlier in the night by cashing in his newly won Money in the Jeri-Bank briefcase. After winning, Danny was attacked by The Nasty Boys who were working for Hulk Hogan. Hogan revealed that he was sent by God after Frollo messed around with disguises in order to get the job done after Frollo ultimately failed.

At Black Hole 2: Emergency Event, Danny Jackpot went on to defeat DreCon the Giant, Winter Bradleys, and Grover Cleveland for the vacant Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Championship. This would be his first taste of championship gold in Jeri-MAX. On the following VORTEX, Danny was easily squashed by Grover Cleveland, setting up a match between the two at Jeri-MAX Ooze. After the loss, Danny began a losing streak, causing him to lash out at the Jeri-MAX audience for not respecting his past accomplishments. After losing to Pacman Jones on WARP, Danny decided that if he couldn't beat Grover Cleveland, he would quit Jeri-MAX. His losing streak came to an end on the following VORTEX when he successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship against Random Nobody Winter Bradleys, albeit this was after losing 2 straight matches to Bradleys beforehand. Danny would then go on to lose the Intercontinental Championship to Grover at Ooze, but went back on his word about quitting Jeri-MAX.

After losing, Danny would then find himself in a feud with longtime rival Edge. After convincing Jackpot to compete in one more match with him, Danny went on to beat the Rated-R Superstar at The All-American American Bash, earning the #40 spot in the upcoming Spiral Rumble match in the process. However, Danny would go on to lose that #40 spot to Hunter Hearst Gower on the following episode of WARP, and then lost his spot in the Rumble Match altogether in a tag team match on VORTEX when he was pinned by Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez.

After dressing up like DCWL's Dan Doomsday for Sakoda's amusement in order to get into (and subsequently lose) the Spiral Rumble Match, Danny had become furious with the General Manager. Teaming up with David "A-List" Otunga, a man who also felt as if Sakoda was screwing around with his career and costing him championships and other opportunities, they formed a team known as The Spotlight. The Spotlight threatened Sakoda, demanding more respect and more opportunities in Jeri-MAX. Sakoda, finding them annoying, gave them the opportunity at a Tag Team Championship match at Horizon against Aladdin Hassan and Lucas Gomez to get them off his back. During the match, Danny and Otunga took advantage of Aladdin Hassan's refusal to get involved and would win the the Tag Team titles in under 40 seconds.

On Episode 41, Sakoda forced Danny into yet another match with rival Edge as punishment for his constant verbal abuse and threats to get him fired as GM. After beating Edge, Danny would attack him after the match, only to be attacked from behind by Edge's partner Christian on the ramp. Later that night, Danny and Otunga complained to Sakoda about Christian's steriod abuse, once again threatening to get him fired from his General Manager position over a possible scandal. Sakoda then cut a deal with the Spotlight; if they can defeat Edge & Christian (later replaced by Sakoda himself after being attacked by Batista) at JeriMania II: The Quickening, then he will voluntarily step down as Jeri-MAX General Manager. They did, but Danny turned on Otunga after losing the tag team titles to Bulk and Skull. He would go on to defeat him at Black Hole. On a video Jeri-MAX posted, Danny would reveal in a comment that he does not think that The Shield Trip fits in Jeri-MAX, this would draw their ire, and The Shield Trip would proceed to attack Danny a ton of times. 

After continuing to feud with The Shield Trip, Danny's old rival Blee would come to his rescue at Jeri-MAX Ooze, teaming up with him in order to defeat the group. Although Blee claimed that it was only so Danny would be able to compete at JeriMania the Third, Frollo made them team up again on the following WARP, where they managed to defeat the New Spotlight for the Jeri-MAX Tag Team Championships. Afterwards, Danny would attack Blee and leave him for the Shield Trip. The Shield would follow up the assault by defeating Danny and Blee for the Tag Titles in their first defense on VORTEX Episode 54. After the match, a frustrated Danny left and ignored Blee, who proceeded to claim that he threw the match by not breaking up the pin.

After multiple sneaks attacks by all sides over wins deemed unfair or flukes, Danny would soon become embroiled in a three-way feud with King Matt Eichorn and Chris Jericho. This led to a triple threat match at Jeri-MAX Horizon, which Danny would win by pinning Eichorn. This allowed Danny to compete on an HD WebMatch for the vacated Intercontinental Championship, but he would go on to lose the match to Chris Jericho. With his sights still on Jericho on Episode 61, Danny was quickly reminded of his JeriMania bout with Blee Blee Blee on Episode 62 when Blee would sneak attack him before his match with Lamarell McDaniel.

Danny went on to defeat Blee at JeriMania, but not before Blee earned his respect in the process.


Danny Jackpot is the owner of this company but would not make a on-screen appearance until five years later. His first on-screen appearance came from a special challenge on New-NAW Velocity 23. The Suspect would wrestle Mr. Wrestling IV, Danny Jackpot under a different gimmick and Danny would pick up the win. After the match, Matt Eichorn would come out and this would lead to a Damage Gauge reunion for all three members and they would proceed to dance until the show finished. Danny would shockingly make his full-time New-NAW debut as he was the suprise opponent in the #1 Contender's Match against Matt Eichorn. Therefore, Jackpot will face Tyler King and Shawn Dynasty for the New-NAW World Title at New-NAW Vendetta

At Vendetta, Danny Jackpot arranged for Zach Starr to be elevated to the top of the company after being defeated by Tyler King. He assaulted Tyler after the match and performed a Cash Out on him, turning heel. His cousin Zach Starr then proceeded to use his One Survivor 2014 title shot to defeat the weakened champion and win the World Title. 

On the following event Countdown, the main event consisted of new champion Zach Starr defending his championship against Tyler King in a Submission match. The match ended after Danny Jackpot called for the bell after Starr put King in a Figure Four Leglock, despite King having never tapped. At the events that lead to The Final Chapter, Tyler King was promised a spot in the main event of The Final Chapter under the condition that he can defeat Danny Jackpot in the opening contest. 

Danny - Final Chapter 2015

Danny Jackpot in his special white ring attire at Final Chapter, making his way to the ring to wrestle Tyler King.

Danny Jackpot was defeated by his rival Tyler King at The Final Chapter, and Tyler was granted a match in the main event for the World Title against Zach Starr.   

Fat Niggers Wrestling

After making special appearances on FNW in the past and even one before he was contracted, Danny would eventually sign to a league he started and still partly owns management wise. Danny now only is under competition at this point and doesnt use management to make any decisions at all. FNW is now FNW Interactive which makes the fans fully responsible for all the matches, storylines, and shows.

Current Non-Vivianverse Leagues 

Omega Pro Wrestling 

Over the past few months, Danny has been a very key part of OPW's roster, facing men like Sting and even challenging for the hardcore championship. Later in season 2 after winning the Death or Glory series the season before and never getting his title shot, he demmanded his shot at OPW Lockdown inside Hell in a Cell with Brock Lesnar (the then World Heavyweight Champion ) and The Undertaker. He would win this match with the aid of Tony Cole , thus claiming his 1st OPW Major Championship.

Former Active Leagues

Story Mode Federation

Danny SMF

Danny using a Boston crab on Spiderman at Bitchamania 2008

Danny Jackpot made a brief appearance in the famous caw league Story Mode Federation at Bitchamania 2008. He would defeat Spiderman for the SMF Hardcore Championship and shortly lose it to Jeff, a former super dingo. Danny was invited to come back to SMF for another night to face Jeff for the Hardcore title and the SMF 2008 Slammy Award for Best Hardcore Champion because of the tie they had when voted by the fans. Danny beat Jeff for the Hardcore Title but lost it shorty to Jeff soon after. Danny also won the SMF Slammy for SMF 2008 Slammy Award for Best Hardcore Champion

Danny Jackpot in 2009

Danny Jackpot signed a contract on March 16th, 2009 to compete as a regular superstar in SMF. On Danny's SMF Debut on War 2009 he attacked Teryo Law with a chair earlier in the night and when Mercurious and The Green Ranger were having a match for the SMF Championship Teryo attacked the Green Ranger and when Teryo tried to leave the ring, Danny ran down but Teryo block nailing Jackpot with the chair. Dannys night wasn't over because when he stood up he was greeted by the Rock with a Rock Bottom. Danny would team up with NGW HD Mercurious to face The Lawyerz in a tag team match which was the first time in about a year the former CCF Tag Team Champions were in the same ring together. Danny and Merc would lose to the Lawyerz and then the Lawyers would attack Jackpot leading to Boom coming down for the save, Boom took out the lawyers but then The Rock took out Jackpot and right before the Peoples Elbow, Jackpot stood up and nailed the Cash Out on The Rock.
2010 DJ yeah

Danny Jackpot 2010 Attire

At the next Smackadown, Danny interrupted the Rock's concert and destroyed the Rock, at the end of the attack, he pushed the Rock off the Smackadown Fist. At Great American Clash 2010 The Rock was able to defeat Danny Jackpot to retain the SMF Action Star Championship. The crowd heavily booed Jackpot at the Clash more then he had even been booed in his career. Danny would start getting attacked by The Lawyu Boyz. After the 3rd attack by the Lawyuz, Boom came out to make the save for Danny Jackpot. Boom stated he would be helping Jackpot with the Lawyuz and would get his own revenge on them. At SMF Cyber Sexy Summer 2010, Danny Jackpot would defeat The Rock in a steel cage match to win the SMF Action Star Championship. After teaming up with [[Boom][ and feuding with The Lawyu Boyz (Lawyerz), They would win the SMF Tag Team Championship at the SMF Royal Fumble 2011, Danny would go on right after the match to lose his Action Star Championship to Chuck Norris due to Norris forcing Jackpot to wrestle right after the TLC match with the Lawyuz. They lost the titles immediately on the next show to Awesome Stable on WAR. He would then go against SMF for NAW. Danny along with Zach Starr and Bret Michaels would lose at SMF's final Bitchamania. Though the storyline was considered a failure, Danny was always honored two of his opponents was the men who previously main evented Bitchamania events, Green Ranger and George Bush. Which alone Danny thinks proves his success. SMF would once again return though Danny Jackpot would not be resigned to the new season.

Xtreme Global Wrestling League

Danny Jackpot shocked everyone when he entered a business ran by XtremeTony, XGWL. It was a shock to few since a war by these 2 also sparked during the ACWLvs XGWL feud. Surprisingly these 2 forgave each other and in February of 2008, Danny Jackpot defeated Scott Mcshannon on XGWL show 25. Danny Jackpot on XGW Fusion 27 suffered a lost to Patrick Hamburgh. At XGW 29 Danny Jackpot lost to Snoop Dogg in a number one contender fatal four way Crucero title match. Also involved in match was Dragon Boy and Justin Timberlake, TImberlake would be pinned after Jackpot reversed a move by Dragon Boy and the pin being unseen. On XGW Fusion episode 30, Danny Jackpot would once again defeat Scott Mcshannon. On XGW Fusion episode 31, Danny Jackpot suffered his first ever lost to Scott Mcshannon. At XGW Operation Freedom's pre show Scott Mcshannon failed at a sneak attack backstage. Danny Jackpot was able to overcome this and choke Mcshannon out with a shovel. Danny Jackpot won a fatal four way match, also involving Scott Mcshannon, at Shockwave episode 9 to be named the number once contender for the Crucero championship. Danny Jackpot would come up short at in Da House II against Richard for the XGW Crucero title. Also this was Danny Jackpots first ever title match in XGW. Danny lost his match against Richard at In Da House II. Danny currently is in the hunt for the XGW Crucero title. Once again Danny Jackpot had won a match to become the number one contender for the XGWL Crucero championship once again at Thug Life 2009. Again Danny hunts for the title. After working his ass off and multiple shots for the belt and winning so many Number One Contender matches but never being able to pull the trigger, at XGWL In Da House 3 Danny Jackpot finally pulled the trigger and won the XGWL Crucero Title from Snoop Dog. He would lose it at Paid In Full 3 though in a 6 man elimination match. Danny would compete in multiple divisions after this, He even competed for the XGWL Pro Championship in a losing effort. On his first night in the XGWL Main Event scene, He won a 6 Man Battle Royal to win a shot at the XGWL Ultimate World Championship at XGWL Malicious Intent. Unfortunately, Danny Jackpot would not win the title. On his next stint for a title though he had to face a man who he had multiple battles with in his career, Dragon boy. He would win the XGWL Pro Championship from him at XGWL In Da House 4. He would shortly lose the title though to El Toro Extremo on Charged 67. Danny left XGWL and ACW on the same day due to problems with the company. {C


2008 Attire.

Aggression Championship Wrestling

On May 14th 2008, Danny Jackpot has been signed to a ACW contract. Danny Jackpot was successful in his debut against SMCS(Scott Mcshannon's alter ego). Danny Jackpot would lose a ladder fatal four way for the United States Title to Hellfire after almost grabbing the belt and being knocked down by Hellfire. Danny lost a fatal four way to Dr Loomis on Anesthesia.At Vendetta, Danny captured the ACW United States title by defeating Hellfire,Khaos,Executioner,and Dr.Loomis in a 5 way elimination match were he was able to eliminate everyone from the match. Danny has lately been teaming with Scott Taylor(Scotty 2 Hotty) to win the ACW Tag Team Championship. Danny would actually drop the belt at ACW Wrestlefest IV in a 4 way match in his first defense. Danny and Scott Taylor would win the ACW Mercenary Tag Team Titles at Black Bordello 2010 when they defeated Umaga & Lance Cade. They would lose the championships against Cade and Umaga at ACW Eternal Sleep 2010. Danny Jackpot would once again win the ACW Mercenary Tag Team Titles with a new partner, Rob Tollett, against Cade and Umaga. His original partner in the match Scott Taylor was attacked before the show took place so Jackpot had to find a replacement. After a while in ACW, Danny would leave ACW on the same day he left XGWL due to problems with the company.

Elite Dynasty Federation

Danny Jackpot along with Biff Andreas would join Elite Dynasty Federation and win the EDF Universal Tag Team Championships in the Innagural tournament though would lose in there first defense. Then Danny would turn on Biff Andreas getting the best of him in the end of the feud at EDF Leathel Lottery. After this program, Danny would announce on Something Cawful Forums that he left EDF on his own terms.

Defunct Leagues

World CAW Wrestling

Danny Jackpot would sign with World CAW Wrestling on May 12th, 2011. He would be signed over to the Thunder brand. However, on the first episode of Thunder, Ric Flair would fire Jackpot for "being a mercenary." At WCW Judgement Day, New WCW CEO, Shane McMahon would rehire Jackpot to Nitro much to Flair's dismay. In response to this, Flair would make a tournament to see who Jackpot would face in his debut at Slamboree. WCW was removed from The Vivianverse but Danny still competes and does battle with Lemarcus Carter since debuting in WCW. After many months of being inactive, it can be presumed that WCW has gone defunct. 

New Era of Sports Entertainment

Danny Jackpot would show up in New Era Of Sports Entertainment, where he talked to Shetty about their DCWL International Title match in DCWL, a match which Shetty would be victorious in. This happened at NESE Brooklyn Rage. {C Jackpot would then make his full debut in NESE, as Mr T's suprise tag partner, in a tag match against World Champion Spoony & Kane. Danny Jackpot would hit the Cash Out on Spoony and then hit him with a frog splash, pinning him. Danny Jackpot would then face Rorschach in a no.1 contenders match. Jackpot had the match won when he hit the Cash-Out on Rorschach, but his ego got the better of him, as he failed to make Rorschach tap out to the Sharpshooter. Rorschach would recover and pin Jackpot after a lariat.

At Great Puerto Rican Bash, Danny would take part in the ten man Battle Royal, which he would be eliminated last by the winner, Scott Steiner. Jackpot would then be attacked by Chris Hero later on in the show. Chris Hero would contiune to get involve with Jackpot's business, costing him a chance to become American Champion. Hero then promised Jackpot an apology on the following episode, but this turned into a verbal assault against Jackpot. Jackpot looked to head to the back, but further abuse by Hero would see Jackpot attack Hero in a fit of rage. This saw a match booked at World War Rumble between the two. On the next episode, Jackpot had a chance to get his hands on Hero in a Tag Match, teaming with Scott Steiner against Hero & Spoony. However, Jackpot would come up short, tapping out to a Dragon Sleeper by Spoony. On the last show before World War Rumble, Jackpot & Hero would sign the match contract to make the match official. At the World War Rumble, in a match considered to be the match of the night by most, Danny Jackpot would defeat Chris Hero with the Money Shot.

On the following NESE Episode, Danny faced off against Nostalgia Critic. As Danny was about to hit the Cash Out, Chris Hero distracted him over the PA, allowing the Critic to take advantage and hit Danny with the Super Donkey Kong Jesus on a Puff of Smoke (Outsider's Edge) to win the match. After this, another match between Hero and Jackpot was set up at Kurt Russellmania, this time under Ironman Rules. He would lose the match 4-3 after Chris Hero used his golden elbow pad within the closing moments of the match to get the last cover.

Danny would not appear at the beginning of Season 2 of NESE, with Hero's claims that he had taken out Danny for good and that was the last we would see of Jackpot in NESE. However, at Rondo of Blood, Danny would reappear and beat down Hero. Later that night, Claudio Castagonoli would attack Jackpot. It would become known later that Hero and Castagonoli were aligned as a tag team. Jackpot would keep trying to get Hero over the next couple of NESE Episodes, but Claudio was there to stop Jackpot. After Hero was put into the Elimination Chamber at Springtime for Hitler, Jackpot would then challenge Claudio to a match at Springtime for Hitler. Jackpot would get a victory over the Swiss, surprising after a TTR. He would then wish luck to Hero in the Elimination Chamber, in the hopes he would then be able to challenge for the World Championship himself. However, Hero would come up short in that match. NESE would be in hiatus for close to a year, before making its return in May of 2013. It has yet to be seen how Jackpot will fare in this new era of NESE. However, said return never happened and NESE can be easily presumed to be dead.

Extreme Championship Federation

Th CAW001

Danny Jackpot in ECF

In 2005-2006 Danny Jackpot was signed to a indy company named ECF. People on the forum that was posted were not happy about this. Some members were in the company itself and were not happy as Danny was very hated on the forums for his beliefs. The owner John decided that this could be a great way to make a heel superstar which after 3 months in the company,Danny would win the World Heavyweight Championship from Scorpion. The reign did not last long as he would soon lose the title to G.I.Joe on a television show. He would then get into a feud with Bruce Lee were Bruce accidentally cost G.I.Joe the title when he missed Jackpot and nailed him with the belt. The next night Bruce Lee and Danny Jackpot were attacked by tag team Champions Mortal Kombat(Reptile and Scorpion). They would win the belts the same night in a tag team match. The next week in the re-match, Danny Jackpot turned on Lee and they capitalized and won the titles back. With Lee being the number one contender and Scorpion pinning Lee, this called for a triple threat at the next pay per view. Scorpion would once again win the belt but then lose it in a matter of seconds as Jackpot would nail Scorpion with the belt and then cash in his re-match clause. Jackpot would then bring in his brother Ron and the two would feud with Lee for a matter of matches with other stars like Mr.Clean and G.I.Joe but Jackpot was able to retain. After a solid half a year title run, Danny Jackpot would have to face Bruce Lee in a last man standing match. A week before the pay per view, Danny Jackpot's brother Ron died. The last televised show for ECF was a tribute to Ron as Jackpot grabbed the ring bell and tolled it 10 times and then played the last known clip of Ron alive. That week a lot of people felt bad for Danny and Danny became a face for the first time in his career. The public did not know of this pay per view would be the last for ECF besides Jackpot and a few other members who helped in ECF. Danny was suppose to retain the title against Bruce Lee, as John thought it would be the best for the company after the face turn. Danny opposed to the idea and said Lee should win the belt since he was chasing for so long and never was able to win and this would be the last opportunity. Lee would defeat Jackpot in the main event and last match in ECF history.

Over The Edge

Danny Jackpot who went a full year of not competing in CAW came back at OTE's No Holds Barred pay per view. He defeated Jack Skellington and Dante to win the OTE Intercontinental title. Danny Jackpot would be the last Intercontinental Champion of OTE after this event OTE retired. Plans was for Danny Jackpot to give the Intercontinental Championship back to Dante in his first defense which never happened. The last part of his 2007 Caw career was that he was Drafted to FTW due to his Intercontinental Title run. This would also mark Danny's new look, As he drastically changed over the year he was gone.

JackpotICtitle2005 0002

Danny Jackpot with his OTE Intercontinental title at OTE's No Holds Barred

Fuck The World

Danny Jackpot would go to FTW with and he would lose his first 2 matches in FTW. Which people started to consider Danny Jackpot's FTW run almost done. Danny Jackpot came back to defeat Chip Hazard to become the #1 contender for the Intercontinental title. Danny Jackpot won the Intercontinental title at FTW's Wrath pay per after defeating Akira in a ladder match. Danny Jackpot would again retire the title as the business closed at the time. FTW put on one more match which was a 6 man elimination chamber Danny Jackpot took part in for the FTW world title where he would be eliminated early on.

War Zone Wrestling

Danny Jackpot was signed to WZW War Zone Wrestling in late November and will debut in a Hardcore Title match against Mark "Undertaker" Calaway . He would defeat Undertaker and win the WZW Hardcore championship, being the first ever WZW Hardcore champion. He would shorty lose the title after wards to Billy the Blue Ranger due to the 24/7 rule. Danny would win the Intercontinental title from Vega in a open challenge on ShowDown! Danny Jackpot defeated IFW's David Tomerka in a WZW Acceleration match. WZW closed down but on April 11th 2010, They had a One Night Stand show where Danny Jackpot would successfully retain the WZW Intercontinental Championship against Vega.

Insane Fearless Wrestling

Danny Jackpot was assigned General Manager to WZW's third bring IFW. Danny Jackpot booked a match at WZW Battlefront for the IFW World Heavyweight Championship where he placed Mr. Wrestling IV vs Ian McGrath. Mr. Wrestling IV won the IFW Light Heavyweight Championship, controversy is around the match due to Mr. Wrestling IV using the Cashout and Slot Machine to win the match. Also with Mr. Wrestling IV being a former gimmick for Danny Jackpot. Mr. Wrestling IV would lose the IFW World title to Ian McGrath.
Mr Wrestling IV

Danny Jackpot as Mr Wrestling IV


Danny Jackpot debuted when he came out and attacked SMCS. Nailing his finisher multiple times on his former enemy. Danny would go on to win the TNE World Heavyweight Championship against Scott Mcshannon.

World Caw Federation

Danny Jackpot made his debut in WCF against Slash as The Godfather's choice to face Slash for the WCF Entertainment Championship. Danny would defeat Slash and win the WCF Entertainment Championship at Bound to Be Horny.

World Hardcore Wrestling

Danny Jackpot won the World Heavyweight Title on the debut episode of WHW Massacre against Randy Orton inside a steel cage match. WHW Ended when SMF Swagger formed all his leagues into one and Jackpot had not been signed to a contract.

Celebrity Caw Federation

Debuted in Celebrity CAW Federation during a infamous smoke session with Teryo Law who at the time was the CCF Hardcore G Champion. Danny Jackpot won a 4 man battle royal at CCF Ferocity New Year's Extravaganza and then was attacked by Mike Tyson until Teryo Law made the save. The 2 beat on Mike Tyson until a impromptu tag match was made with Danny Jackpot and Teryo Law vs Mike Tyson and Timothy. The 2 would win to end of the night with Danny pinning Tyson. The next week Danny and Teryo would the CCF Tag Team titles by defeating Kenan and Kel and shortly later were attacked by the Afrofags. On February 28th, 2009, It seemed that CCF would go defunct. A year would go by before CCF had kicked back and on April 4th 2010, Danny Jackpot fought the Niggerbeast for the CCF Hardcore G Championship in a losing effort. This seemed to be the final nail in the coffin of CCF.

Outer Limit Wrestling

Danny Jackpot took place in the OLW debut on 2010 in the 2-21-2010 Webmatch of OLW when he would face Charles Hansen and defeat him giving Charles Hansen his second ever lost in the squired circle. Danny Jackpot would win a triple threat match to win a shot at the OLW World Title. Unfortunately OLW closed it's doors when the owner, TheSpriteSlasher, began to work for NAW South. Danny would win the OLW World Title from Charles Hansen in DCWL after the two had a match with the OLW World Championship being permitted to be defended in the match and after the death of NAW, OLW would be brought back with Jackpot as champ. OLW would actually release Danny Jackpot during his OLW World Title Run, Making this the first time that Danny Jackpot had been released. OLW would later close though.

Derek's Championship Wrestling League

Danny Jackpot signed December 19th 2009 to DCWL. In his debut he would defeat Machojef and later in the night he would lose a 4 way match for the DCWL Hardcore Title. He defeated Michael Vick at DCWL Show 9 to take his spot in the International Title match. Danny would go to DCWL Battlefield and win the DCWL International Title. On DCWL Show 10, Danny Jackpot became a double champion when he captured the DCWL Hardcore Championship from Ed Kewl. Danny Jackpot after the match got ambushed by Bret Michaels and lost his DCWL Hardcore Title. Bret would defeat Dannny to lose the DCWL International Title, but moments after Danny defeated Bret to win the DCWL Hardcore Title due to the 24/7 rule. He would immediately lose it to El Jefe seconds later due to the 24/7 rule again though. Dan would seemingly go missing after all this and Bret would lose the title to a guy named Dan Doomsday, at DCWL Aftershock, Dan Doomsday retained against Bret Michaels and then revealed himself to be Danny Jackpot. Danny would lose the title to Sultan Shetty and then also lost his rematch for the belt against him. He would enter a tournament to compete for the DCWL World Heavyweight Title, where he would face Charles Hansen in the 1st Round. However, by permission by the owner of OLW, the OLW World Heavyweight Championship was on the line in a first blood match. Danny would win this earning himself his 11th World Championship. Danny would start the Danny's Dynasty and this would eventually lead him to the DCWL World Championship (Making it the 13th World Title hes won)at DCWL NeverEnding Aggression 2. He would quickly win and lose the NAW Hardcore Championship which was given to DCWL by Danny Jackpot after NAW had died on a hardcore madness. He would scheduled to face Suspect for the DCWL Title match but that was interrupted by Tikwan Coger of World CAW Wrestling. Tikwan Coger had forced Danny to leave DCWL at the Champion vs Champion match at DCWL vs. WCW: The Cival War. Danny used a loophole in the contract that he himself had planned to lose if he had lost at the Cival War. Danny still remains in DCWL as the DCWL Champion.Danny Jackpot then on DCWL's shows had mentioned about a plan that would and said the plan would unfold soon. The plan happened at DCWL Collision Countdown 2 and it turned out Danny's plan was to get rid of the then boss Ed McMahon(Which did occur as Ed was killed in a Car explosion.),get power of the company(This also happened as in Ed McMahon's Will it stated that Danny would be left with DCWL.),Have Johnny Rocker win the Collision Countdown 2(Johnny won unfairly since Danny used his Chairman Powers to have Johnny and other members of DCWL Domination come in and throw Michael Vick out of the ring.)so Johnny could lay down and let Danny win at DEC MANIA 2.Then it is also revealed that night Danny wanted to end DCWL so he could be the champion forever(Like seen before in other CAW leagues.). Danny would say That if Johnny loses at DEC MANIA 2 DCWL would be over.Danny did not expect Johnny Rocker really to be James Bond who had kidnap Johnny weeks ago.So at DEC MANIA 2 it will be James Bond vs Danny Jackpot for Danny's DCWL Title.If Danny loses he will not just lose the title but his DCWL Career. Danny would go on to wrestle in DCWL's developmental territory All Talent Wrestling and won the ATW Championship on episode six when it was a DCWL vs ATW Champion vs Champion match. Danny would lose at DEC Mania 2 therefore being fired from DCWL. Danny Jackpot, however, would later be brought back into DCWL for its final show, where he will challenge for the DCWL Championship in an Elimination Chamber match.

Danny Jackpot Wrestling

Danny Jackpot immediately signed with Danny Jackpot Wrestling amongst its debut, Unlike the name seems, This is a league not ran by Danny Jackpot but Matt Eichorns real persona. He has a ongoing feud with the The Colons, But more important Primo outta the two Colons. Rumor has it that it started back in 1979 when Carlos Colon slapped Danny Jackpot's Uncle at a Carribean Wrestling Event when he was sitting in the front row. He had gotten Carlito deported at the first Mega Show, Genericwhitemale. The league is based on a inside and ongoing chatbox joke between Danny Jackpot and Homer on the Something CAWful Forums amongst with another inside joke between them from the To Catch a Predator Streams. Danny would stay with DJW his entire career, usually feuding with Primo until DJW would come to a close.

Ultimate Reckless Wrestling

Danny would compete in a Scramble Match at URW's Champions Hell Click Per View for the Internet Championship, He would lose the match though and R-Truth would pick up the win in the Scramble. After the event the URW management would offer him a contract which he would accept. His first official Ultimate Reckless Wrestling match was a victory against Edge on Blood Episode 1. This win would also grant him a shot at the URW World Championship. At URW Homicide, Danny would defeat the champion Edward Cullen to become the URW World Champion and became a 14 time World Champion with this win. Danny would "lose" the title to an uncontracted Caylen Rogers though Danny would fight and the match would be not counted and the match was stricken from the record books. URW would soon close and then re-instate that both Caylen Rogers title run and the title being rehanded to Jackpot as counted World Championship reigns. Danny refuses and denies being a 2 Time URW Champion due to him not wanting a belt to just be handed to him.

It's Walleh Time

Danny would debut on the July 15h 2010 Webmatch of IWT and win the IWT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship on two different occasions. Then on the same day in the very next Hardcore Madness, He would win that same championship two more times making him a four time. He would lose the title after a month long reign to The Rock on a DCWL Random show. Da Black APA, Danny Jackpot & Javori Smart, Failed to capture the IWT KO-I Tag Team Championship against MASATA & The Nation in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match. Suspect announced later on that the first Pass Out will be Danny Jackpot Appreciation Night and he has control for the night as General Manager. Suspect went on to offer Danny a World Title shot at the current champion Kenzo Suzuki. Danny accepted this offer but instead replaced himself with Biff Andreas and changed the match stipulation with Danny being the special guest referee. Danny finally on Pass Out initially called the match down the middle and showed no bias. However when Kenzo used his finisher on Biff, Danny snapped and said that Kenzo was not going to walk out World Champion. He personally made sure of it hitting Kenzo with the Cash Out and counted the pinning awarding Biff the World Title. The Suspect returned from his trip just in time and had Danny arrested and escorted out of the arena. IWT would soon close after this.

Forum Federations

SFW (SMF Forum Wrestling)

Danny Jackpot competing in SFW which was the very first CAW league for the SMF Forums. Danny had won the SFW Tag Team Championship once with Pornoman when they were the New APA. Danny would then defeat Smokey later on in his career to win the SFW World Championship which he currently holds to this day. Danny beat Smokey on SFW Wrestling Classic 4 to retain the SFW World title while Randy Orton was the Special Guest Referee. Danny Jackpot would beat the All Bureain by countout on SFW Wrestling Classic 5 to retain the title but he only won because he was thrown into the ring at the 9 count and The all Bureain couldn't make it back in the ring in time. Smokey then got Shetty's permission to have a match against the fallen Jackpot and he pinned Jackpot to win the SFW World title ending Danny's title reign. Danny had suffered a lost to Smokey in his rematch on SFW Wrestling Classic 6 and afterward Shadow Joker had attacked Jackpot. SFW had closed down shorty afterward.

SFF (SMF Forum Federation)

Danny now also competes in another federation involved with the SMF Forums. Danny has yet to make much of a impact in the company. Danny had beaten Smokey recently at SFF Primetime's Main Event. SFF had one last show called SFF One Last Hoorah where the New-APA would face each other for Pornoman's World title inside a steel cage. Danny Jackpot would win the match and hold the SFF Title for a matter of minutes before SFF Closed down and he would be the last champion.

Special Appearances

CAWllision 2,4,5,6

Danny Jackpot wrestled 2 matches at the CAWllision 2 Pay Per View. He wrestled a four way for the WEDF U.S title against Oshujax, Vladimir Kozlov, and Smokey where Smokey would pin Kozlov to win. Later in the eventing he would take part in the battle royal where he would have the most eliminations and finally got eliminated by Kozlov. Jackpot was soon missed by the show's commentator Bpez who demanded Jackpot for the remainder of the match which would be won by SCAW.

Danny would not compete on CAWllision 3, Though he was an original entrant in the Battle Royal. He opted out due to him being one of the match makers of the show. Danny would return to wrestle two matches at CAWllision IV, He would participate in the Battle Royal which he had little success in, Being eliminated by Michael Heinman without making an elimination of his own. He would also defeat Yuna in a grudge match which had been started at the New-WWE Royal Rumble 2 and even continued on a year later to a IWT Stream. The match would also set up his CAWllision 5 count as Earl Hebner was slowly counting pins for Danny Jackpot.

Danny would only participate in one match at CAWllision 5, He would face Earl Hebner who tried screwing him at CAWllision IV with Dustin "Smokey" Walker as the Special Ref. Dustin Smoke Walker would give himself the victory in this match.

At the Sixth Installment, Named KAALEZION 6: Mabel's Revenge, Danny would compete in three matches. First he would compete as Dan Doomsday in the second match of the night and revealed it after he had beat Bret Michaels. The second match would be the second Battle Royal of the night to determine who would move on to compete in the Southern Heavyweight Championship match but the Rumble would be won by Mabel. Danny would also compete in a 6-Man Tag Match where he teamed with The Suspect and Shawn Dynasty to defeat Haduken, Distance Riley, and CYBERDOMAINIAN.

Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation

Danny Jackpot eliminated "Big Daddy" Weirdman at Cawllision 2 in the Battle Royal, Weirdman kept trash talking him and the New APA on EHWF shows and Danny Jackpot sneaked in and Knocked Out Weirdman backstage after all the talking. Danny Jackpot had once again sneaked into a EHWF arena, This time at a house show, Costing Weirdman the EHWF Championship. This feud would finally be settled at the Caw King of the Ring 2010.

Danny Jackpot in one of his 2009-2010 Attires.

Internet Championship Wrestling League

Danny Jackpot is ICWL's General Manager making appearances their occasional for his duties.

DG Danny

Danny Jackpot in a very special appearance with fellow Damage Guage Members, Matt Eichorn & The Suspect.

Global Wrestling Nation

At GWN Destruction Zone Episode 2, Danny Jackpot & Bret Michaels won the GWN Duo Championship when they poked fun of the critics who say they demand to win and use that to automatically win the belts. Danny would continue to make appearances here but never sign a contract. Danny would leave GWN due to backstage arguments over revealing GWN's real owner, Thus making a obviously fake Danny Jackpot competing in GWN.

CAW King of the Ring 2010

Danny Jackpot representing WEDF came into CAW King of the Ring as the WEDF Intercontinental Champion and in round one would successfully retain the title against Big Daddy Weirdman of the EHWF. In the second round Danny Jackpot defeated RAWR's Fred Durst. Danny would lose to Bret Michaels in the 3rd round, This was one of the most wanted encounters of the tournament and did not disappoint.

CAW Clusterfuck 1 & 2

Danny Jackpot entered the Clusterfuck Rumble at number 31. He would last 5 minutes, 19 seconds before being eliminated by William Regal, who Hero'd himself in the process. In the very next one he entered at number 3 and was the second person eliminated and made no eliminations.

Master Class Wrestling

On November 7th 2010, Danny Jackpot made a surprise appearance at MCW Bonfire Brawl 2010. He was the mystery opponent for John Maverick. Jackpot won the match.

CAW Mainstream Presents Global Warming 2011

Danny Jackpot would lose in a Fatal Four Way Match for the XGWL Pro Championship to reigning champion El Toro Extremo in a match also involving Dragon Boy and Bruno Battaglia on Part 3 of the show.

Terrordome Championship Wrestling Asterisk

As a part of the third War Games tournament, Danny represented the Damage Gauge, which consists of himself, Matt Eichorn, and The Suspect. The Damage Gauge would make it to the finals of the tournament, defeating the likes of The One Dumb-Ax Nation and International Funk 2000 before eventually losing to The Following. In the next War Games tournament, Danny would make his return to the Terrordome as the surprise partner of Biff Andreas and Tyler King, but would lose in the first round to Team Japan. 

Boxing Career

Result Record Opponent Method Event Round Time Notes
Win 1-0 Biff Andreas KO New NAW /AWP Independent 37:Ultimate Fight 9 22:47 Boxing Debut


Ron Jackpot (Brother, Deceased)
Zach Starr (Cousin)

Championships and Accomplishments


Danny Jackpot in his third reign as WWE Champion

  • Extreme Championship Federation
    • ECF World Heavyweight Championship (3 times)
    • ECF Tag Team Championship (1 Time) (w/ Bruce Lee)
  • Fuck The World
    • FTW Intercontinental Championship (1 Time)(Last)
  • Over The Edge
    • OTE Intercontinental Championship (1 time) (Last)
  • War Zone Wrestling
    • WZW Hardcore Championship (1 Time) (First)
    • WZW Intercontinental Championship (1 Time)
  • Aggression Championship Wrestling
    • ACW United States Championship (1 Time)
    • ACW Mercenary Tag Team Championship (2 Times) (w/Scott Taylor & Rob Tollett) (First)
  • Celebrity Caw Federation
    • CCF Tag Team Championship (1 Time) (w/Teryo Law) (Last)
  • TNE Caw
    • TNE World Heavyweight Championship (1 Time) (Last)
  • World Caw Federation
    • WCF Entertainment Championship (1 Time) (Last)
  • World Hardcore Wrestling
    • WHW World Heavyweight Championship (1 Time) (Last)
  • Xtreme Global Wrestling League
    • XGWL Crucero Championship (1 Time)
    • XGWL Pro Championship (1 Time)
  • Insane Fearless Wrestling
    • IFW World Heavyweight Championship (1 Time) [1]
  • SMF Forum Federation
    • SFF World Heavyweight Championship (1 Time) (Last)

Danny Jackpot celebrating his fifth WWE Championship win in New-WWE.

  • Global Wrestling Nation
  • World CAW Wrestling
    • 2010 Best Moment of WCW (Danny Jackpot's involvement during the DCWL vs WCW Storyline)
  • Other Accomplishments

CAW Forum Award Accomplishments

  • Something CAWful Forums [4]
    • SC Forum 2011 Best Tag Team in CAW (The Spotlight, w/David Otunga, Jeri-MAX)
    • SC Forum 2011 CAW Match of the Year (Tied) (vs Chris Hero, NESE)
    • SC Forum 2011 Worst CAW Theme of the Year ("Alive" - P.O.D, WEDF)
    • SC Forum 2012 Worst Feud of the Year (Danny Jackpot vs WCW)
    • SC Forum 2012 Worst Moment of the Year (Danny Jackpot's Burial in Booking)
    • SC Forum 2013 Match of the Year (Danny Jackpot vs Biff Andreas - New-WWE Summerslam 8; I Quit Match)
    • SC Forum 2013 Feud of the Year (Danny Jackpot vs Biff Andreas, New-WWE)
  • SMF Forums (Story Mode Federation Forums) [5]
    • SMF Forum 2009 Best Original CAW Superstar
    • SMF Forum 2009 Most Overrated CAW Superstar
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  • 1:^ – Danny Jackpot was under the Mr Wrestling IV persona and when he had won the IFW World Title, it was called the IFW Light Heavyweight Title and the belt was renamed when WZW closed and IFW needed a World Champion.
  • 2:^ - Won as "Unified Tag Team Championship", Which gave him both tag title reigns along with Javori.
  • 3:^ – Was given the championship by fellow Sons of Liberty member Biff Andreas
  • 4:^ – [[7]]
  • 5:^ – [[8]]
  • 6:^[9]]
  • 7:^ – There was a match in URW where a non-contracted Caylen Rogers defeated Danny Jackpot for the URW Championship. URW would erase the reign due to Rogers not being on contract. URW would close down and then would change the ruling and make Caylen Roger's reign count along with a second reign for Jackpot. Jackpot himself does not recognize the second reign and does not wish to acknowledge it due to it goes against his standard of being handed a useless World Title reign.

In wrestling

Lariat Jackpot

Finishers & Signatures

As Danny Jackpot

  • Finishing Moves
    • Cash Out - Butterfly DDT or Lifting Spinning DDT (2004 - Currently Used)
    • One Kick K.O - Shinning Wizard or Standing Round House Kick (2009 - Present)

      One Kick KO

    • Super Cash Out - Elevated DDT from Turnbuckle (2009)
    • High Roller - Lifting double underhook facebuster (2009)
    • Slot Machine - 630 Splash (WZW) (2009)
    • Hitting a Jackpot - Gory Bomb (2008)
    • Dealers Cut - Osaka Street Cutter (2008)
    • Sharpshooter (2004-2006, 2007-2008)
  • Signature Moves
    • T.T.R (Tribute To Ron) - Leg drop bulldog (2010 - Present)
    • Super Kick (2011- Present)
    • Money Shot - Diving splash with theatrics
    • Lariat
    • Running Facecrusher to Knee.
    • Belly to Belly Suplex
    • Enzuigiri
    • Two Punches followed by a punch with theatrics
    • Arm Wrench
    • Different Versions of Standing STOs

As Mr.Wrestling IV

  • Finishing Moves
    • Slot Machine - 630 Splash (WZW) (2009)
    • Cash Out - Butterfly DDT (2009)
    • Hitting a Jackpot - Gory Bomb (2008)
    • Believer - Behind the back Double underhook Facebuster (2008)

Wrestlers trained by Jackpot

Wrestling Themes

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