El Toro Extremo
El Toro Extremo in Road to Thug Life.
Billing information
Ring Names El Toro Extremo
Height 6'1"
Weight 284 lbs
Born Unknown
Hometown Tijuana, Mexico MexicanFlag
Resides Tijuana, Mexico MexicanFlag
Billed From Tijuana, Mexico MexicanFlag
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Trainer(s) TWF Wrestling Factory
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Professional career
Debut April 2007
Retired Yet to retire.

El Toro Extremo is 1 of the most controversial CAW Wrestlers. He debuted on the 4th Episode of TWF Saturday Slam on 4/10/2007 against Jimmy Rave in a debut win. El Toro is currently signed to XGWL, and ARW.

About El Toro Extremo

The style of El Toro Extremo is that of a straight-up hardcore, "Beat you up" style that makes El Toro Extremo a dominant force.

Xtreme Global Wrestling League

El Toro Extremo made his XGWL debut at the 1st In Da House on 8/19/2007. He won the XGWL Pro championship for the 1st time at Paid In Full 2007 on 11/11/2007. He held it for the longest time at that time until he lost the championship to Johnathen Magnum on March of 2008 at All Eyes on Me. He was able to win the Pro Championship for a 2nd time on Charged Ep67, taking it away from Danny Jackpot. Then Toro attacked Jackpot after winning the championship and turning heel. He then held the Pro title longer than his 1st championship reign, until his title reign ended when he lost to Tommy Kazarian at Thug Life 2011 in a Ladder Match.

Signature & Finisher Moves

  • The Toro Gore
  • The Extreme Effect
  • Powerslam
  • Jack Hammer
  • Multiple Variations of a Clothesline
  • Top Rope Brainbuster

Notable Feuds/Rivalries

  • Vato Loco (TWF)
  • Tommy Kazarian (XGWL)

Championships and Accomplishments

Xtreme Global Wrestling League

Action Star Wrestling

Entrance Themes

The XtremeTony/El Toro Extremo Controversy

When El Toro Extremo debut on TWF, the controversy began about XtremeTony being El Toro Extremo underneath that mask, so XtremeTony brought in El Toro Extremo as a guest on the 4/25/2007 edition of 10 Minutes of Xtreme to try to resolve the controversy, but to no dice. Then, when XGWL opened up, then XGWL owner, XtremeTony brought in El Toro Extremo to continue the controversy. As of this date, the identity of El Toro Extremo is yet to be revealed.