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EMPIRE Wrestling is a CAW league that was started by Al Cabrera. It is a territory that resides as part of the NAWverse. The show is promoted by NAW superstar Al Cabrera who is the off-screen promoter, he also performs as a member of the roster.

The majority of the show is recorded off of Universe Mode in 2K19.

Current Champions


Aaron omega(pacific) 

:Aj styles (Pacific.)

Al Cabrera (pacific)

Finn balor (Pacific.)

Adam Cole (Atlantic)

Aleister Black(Atlantic)

Amrillo (Pacfifc)

Aussie Andy (Atlantic)

Amir Barnes (Pacfic)

Biff Andreas (Atlantic) (M)

Bobby fish (Atlantic)

Bobby lashley (Pacific)

Bobby Roode(Atlantic)

Chris Johansen (Atlantic)

Daniel Bryan(Pacfic)

Danny Jackpot(Pacfic)

Dark Soul(Pacfic)

Dash wilder (Atlantic)

Drew McIntyre(Atlantic)

DJ Smith (Pacfic)


El Noveno(Atlantic)

Evan O Shea(Pacfic)

Flip Fowler (Pacfic)

Hanson (Atlantic)

Helenius (Pacfic)

Hugo (Atlantic)

Isaiah ICE (Pacfic)

Joe omega(pacific) 

Johnny gargano (Atlantic)

Justin thunder liger (pacfic)

Kenny omega(Pacific)

Kyle o Riley (Atlantic)

Lemarcus Carter (Atlantic)

Lester Barkley(Pacfic)

Lio rush (Pacific)

Louie Scott (Pacfic)


Malik Brown-(Atlantic)

Matt eichorn (Pacific)

Matthew stone(Atlantic)


Mustafa Ali (Atlantic)

Oney Lorcan (Pacfic)

Pete Dunn(Pacfic)


Roderick strong (Atlantic)

Roman reigns (Atlantic)

Rowe (Atlantic)

Ryan Evans (Atlantic)

Sakamoto (Atlantic)

Samoa Joe (Pacific.)

Shane corson (Atlantic)

Samuel Wolff (Pacific) 

Scott Dawson (Atlantic)

Seth Rollins(Atlantic)

Smokey (Atlantic) Debuting Soon

Tasmanian Tiger mask (Atlantic)

TJ Nicholson (Atlantic)

Tommy walker (pacific,)

Tracy relic (Pacfic)

Troy saint (Atlantic)

Tyson gore (Atlantic)

Web reaper(Pacfic)

Xtreme Tony (Pacific)

Zach Starr (Pacfic)

Female Roster
Alexa Bliss
Alicia Fox
Becky Lynch
Billy Kay
Candice Lareae
Ember Moon
Kari Sane
Liv Morgan
Mickie James
Nikki Cross
Peyton Royce
Ruby Riott
Toni Storm