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The Story

GWA started in January of 2017 by Aussie Andy a new member of the caw community who had done commentary for DCA, WTW and WEDF.

GWA Runs shows in Australia with the roster Austrian and talent from all over the world. The main goal of GWA is to expose new caws to the to the world with new exciting story lines The first show called New Beginnings crown the first 3 champions.

GWA added the GWA Australian Championship which was won by former GWA Tag Team Champion Aussie Andy makeing him the first person to win two titles in GWA

GWA is a member of the Virtual Wrestling United. They joined just before Prestige. GWA Is also a member of the NAWverse.


GWA Male Roster Info Finisher moves Championships
Arthur Diamond Diamond Slam(Cutthroat Side Slam)

Diamond Punch(Discus Punch 3)

Aussie Andy First GWA Tag Team Champion Member of the Pub Club Goanna Sleeper(Dragon Sleeper1)

Aussie Slam(Uranage 1)

(GWA Tag Team Champion (1 time)

GWA Australian Champion (Current)

Australian Dragon Dragon Ball(630 Senton)

Dragon Bite(Diced Bread)

Barry Bogan Bogan Elbow(Windup Elbow 2)

Bogan Combo(Discus Clothesline Combo)

Big Daddy Bogan
Big Time Big Time Forearme(Rolling Elbow)

Big Time Elbow(Running Elbow 3)

Blake Wolf Wolf Driver(Underhook Piledriver)

Blake Out(Imploding 450)

Bobby Law Letter of The Law(Zack Attack)

Alcatraz Sweep(Front Russian Leg Sweep)

Bushranger Jack Last stand(Single Underhook Facebuster) Outlaw Sault (Bam Bam Sault)
Dallas Holiday Lariat(Clothesline 16)

American Blockade(Guillotine Choke 3)

Dark Soul Member of the Disciples of Darkness Impaler(Impaler DDT1) GWA Tag Team (current)
Dave Bogan Bogan Knee Strike(Running Knee Strike5)

Bogan Knee Lift(Running Knee Lift 1)

Dean Bash Bash Breaker(Bankrupt)
Flip Fowler Flip out(shooting Star Press1)
Fulton Bash Bush Buster (Fisherman Neckbreaker)Bash Out (Shotgun Dropkick1)
G.I. Bloke Last post(Firemans Carry Spinebuster)Sleeper Hold
Jack Cage First GWA World Champion Uluru Slam(Firemans Carry Side Slam) GWA World Champion (Current)
Jake Raid Last Raid (tko1) Full Breech(Discus Big Boot)
Joe Omega
Johnny Bogan Bogan Drop(Diving Leg Drop 1)
Magpie Leader of the Disciples of Darkness Trip to Cemetery Point(Jumping DDT 2) GWA Tag Team Champion (Current)
Mason Black Black Thumb(Samon Thumb Spike)

The Big Sit(Running Hip Drop)

Max Bell The Bell Toller(The Best Bite)The Bell Ringer(fireman's Carry Sidewalk Slam
Reo Tatsu (Cloverleaf 2)
Tasmanian Tiger Mask First GWA Tag Team Champion Member of the Pub Club Tasmanian tiger Driver(Michinoku Driver 2)

Tasmanian Death Lock(Indian Death Lock)

GWA Tag Team (1 Time)
That 90s Guy
Tim Richards Backyard leg Drop(Diving Leg Drop 2)Backyard Elbow(Rolling Elbow4)
Wild Thing Wild Bomb(Sit-out Chokebomb1)

Wild Slam(World's Strongest Slam2)

William Diamond Diamond Bomb(Powerbomb 2)

Diamond Drop(Inverted DDT1)

GWA Femal Roster Info Finishers Champions
Abby Steel Steel Driver(Inverted Crush 2)Steel Knee(Gourdbuster GTS)
Barbara Stone Stone Bomb(Sitout Chokebomb2) Stone Plex(T-bone Suplex2)
Barbie Bogan Barbie Splash(Charging 450 spash 2)
Chainsaw Kelly Chainsaw Driver(Suplex Piledriver)

Chainsaw Stunner(The Face Lift)

Dorothy Williams Sleeper Hold 1
Jesse Black All Black out (Tongan Death Grip)

Diving Body Splash

Jessica Diamond Diamond DDT (The French Kiss)
Mad'ém Dark Member of the Disciples of Darkness Welcome To my Nightmare(Guillotine Choke1) Death Roll( Rolling Fireman's Carry 3) GWA Women's (Current)
Maggie McKinley Blue Heeler Slam(Boss Man Slam)

Lock Up (Tequila Sunrise 1)

Maxine Martinez Lionsaut

Maximiser (Gory Neckbreaker 2)

Melinda May
Nikki Rose Rose's Thorn (Summer Crush & Sunset Split)
Raven Dark
Sharon Carter
Sarah Star Star Kick (Spinning Leg Lariat) 8x10 (Mug Shot)
Sheila Sage First GWA Women's Champion member of the Pub Club Australian Kiss( Dudebuster)

Sheila lock (inverted Sharpshooter)

GWA Women's (1 time)
Victoria Valentine

Stables & Tag Teams

Tag Team or Stable Memebers Titles
Backyard Boys Bobby Law & Tim Ricahrds
Bash Brothers Dean & Fulton Bash
Big Time Outlaws Big Time & Bushranger Jack
The Bogans Big Daddy Bogan Dave Bogan Barry Bogan Johnny Bogan & Barbie Bogan
Diamond Family Arthur, Jackie & William Diamond
Disciples of Darkness Magpie, Dark Soul ,Mad'em Dark& Raven Dark 2nd GWA Tag Team Champions
M4 Maxine Martinez & Maggie Mckinley
Queens of Pain Jesse Black & Dorothy Williams
The Pub Club Aussie Andy Tasmanian Tiger Mask & Sheila Sage First GWA Tag Team & Women's Champions
Real Agents of Sheild Sharon Carter,Mockingbird & Melinda May
Steel & Stone Abby Steel & Barbra Stone
Wolf Raid Jake Raid & Blake Wolf

GWA Titles

# GWA World Title
1 Jack Cage Won title in Tournament at New Beginnings
# GWA Australian Championship
1 Aussie Andy Won A eight man tournament
# GWA Tag Team Titles
1 The Pub Club(Aussie Andy & Tasmanian Tiger Mask) Won a A Tag Tournament at New Beginnings
2 The Disciples of Darkness(Magpie & Dark Soul) Beat the Pub Club At Mega Slam
# GWA Women's Title
1 Shelia Sage Won a battle royal at new Beginnings
2 Ma'dem Dark beat Sheila sage at Mega Slam


AJ Kool

Alex Ayson

Billy Gunn

Booker T

Brother Neo

Broken Matt Hardy

Bubba Ray Dudley

Cody Hall

D'von Dudley


Road Dogg