Fall Brawl is a CAW wrestling event produced by New Gen Wrestling. It's trademark is the WarGames, where NGW fights against wrestling factions in a Best Of Series.

Fall Brawl

Fall Brawl

Fall Brawl 2004

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Promotion New Gen Wrestling
Date November 27, 2004
Venue Madison Square Garden
City New York City, New York
Theme Song "Mein Teil" by Rammstein
Last Event NGW Survival Of The Best
Next Event NGW Mayhem

Three of the matches were Wargames matches between NGW & Team Final Fantasy. If Team Final Fantasy lost, they will be fired.


# Result Stipulation
1 Lindsay Lohan defeated Jill Valentine Singles match
2 Jet Li defeated Seifer Almasy (c), Carl B. and Sephiroth Fatal 4-Way match for the Hardcore Championship
3 Carl Johnson defeated Tommy Vercetti Singles match
4 Eminem defeated George W. Bush Singles match
5 Tifa Lockhart defeated Ami Mizuno (c) Singles match for the Women's Championship
6 Eddie Murphy & Tanner defeated Squall Leonheart & Irvine Kinneas TLC match for the vacant Tag Team championship
7 Duke Nukem defeated James Bond (c) Singles match for the NGW Championship
8 "Mystery Man" defeated Makoto Kino Intergender match
  • 2 - This match has gone down in NGW's history as "The Hardcore Screwjob".
  • 3 - "Sweet" Sean Johnson attacked Vercetti.
  • 5 - Aerith Gainsborough was banned from ringside.
  • 6 - Tanner replaced Eddie's original partner Lara Croft who was attacked by Seifer Almasy.
  • 7 - Seifer cost Bond his title.
  • 8 - The mystery man was revealed as Tidus.

Fall Brawl: WarGames

Fall Brawl: WarGames

Fall Brawl: WarGames

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Promotion New Gen Wrestling
Date November 25, 2006
Venue Thompson-Boling Arena
City Knoxville, Tennessee
Theme Song "Enemy" by Godsmack
Last Event NGW Survival Of The Best 2006
Next Event NGW New Years Bash 2007

This time, NGW's opponent in the Best of 7 WarGames, was the multi-league faction, The O.C.. If The O.C. lost, they will be disbanded and all of their champions were to be stripped of their titles.


# Result Stipulation
1 Sephiroth defeated The Sess Singles match
2 Unholy Powers (Squall & Seifer) defeated The OPA (Terry & Courtney) (c) Tag Team match for the NGW Tag Team championship
3 Aerith G. defeated Lindsey Lohan (c) (with Ali Lohan) Singles match for the Internet Vixens championship
4 The Dark Prince defeated James Bond Singles match
5 Toni Cipriani defeated Tommy Vercetti Last Man Standing match
6 Britney Spears (c) defeated Christina Aguilera Singles match for the Women's championship
7 Kurt Angle defeated Duke Nukem (c) Singles match for the NGW championship
  • 2 - Brock Samson pinned Courtney under 24/7 rules to win the Hardcore Championship leaving Terry alone to continue the match.
  • 3 - Tifa Lockhart was to be in Aerith's corner but she left to rescue Ami Mizuno who the O.C. had abducted.
  • 5 - Toni drugged Tommy making him unable to wrestle properly.
  • 7 - Commissioner Theo Clardy celebrated with Angle.