Taboo Tuesday (formerly called NGW Interactive Chaos) is an NGW event. Its distinctive feature is that fans can vote online on certain aspects of every match. The voting began on the WarZone episode after New Year's Bash and ended on the episode before the interactive CPV. From that point, the voting counts and the winning choice will be made before the match, during, or after, depending on the situation of such.

Taboo Tuesday

Taboo Tuesday 2007

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Promotion New Gen Wrestling
Date February 24, 2007
Venue United Center
City Chicago, Illinois
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Last Event New Years Bash 2007
Next Event SuperBrawl III
# Result Stipulation
1 Haruka Tenoh & Michiru Kaioh (c) defeated Britney Spears & Rinoa Heartilly Tag Team match for the NGW Women's Tag Team Championship
2 Duke Nukem & Brock Samson defeated Unholy Powers (Squall Leonheart & Seifer Almasy) (c) Tag Team match for the NGW Tag Team Championship
3 Trish Stratus defeated Usagi Tsukino Singles match
4 Ami Mizuno w/Fredrick James Francis defeated Tifa Lockhart Street Fight
5 Yuna defeated Lita, Minako Aino, and Makoto Kino NGW Women's Championship #1 Contender's Fatal 4-Way Match
6 Sephiroth (c) defeated Kurt Angle Singles match for the NGW Championship
  • 1. Britney and Rinoa attacked each other.
  • 2. A closer look showed Squall's foot was under the bottom rope when he was pinned. Later, Samuel L. Jackson tried winning the Hardcore championship from Brock.
  • 5. Yuna and Mistress Rikku got into a fight.