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New-NAW popped into the CAW scene in 2012 with a match that mocked CAW Superstar Tyson. The league would continue to post matches and have a very small official roster with many guess appearances. It was revealed during one of New-NAW's story they promote that Shane McMahon is a stock owner and has control in the company though after abusing his talent, He would lose his power and Stephanie McMahon would become the new supervisor of New-NAW.

A later storyline in 2015 revealed that Danny Jackpot was the executive decision maker within the company since the early New Age Wrestling days, with Stephanie McMahon silently being written off the show. Off screen, the show is written by a collaborative group which includes Biff Andreas, Al Cabrera, TJ Nicholson, and Aussie Andy.

In 2015 New-NAW branched out and started doing multiple CAW Pay Per Views at once, with the current storylines of New-NAW always happening in one and then special attraction pay per views on the side. This wouldnt last long by Spring of 2016 New-NAW Would go on hiatus again.

Two long years of hiatus and New-NAW Would pop back up summer of 2018 with a variety of shows. Starting with two pay per views then using Universe Mode and announcing there shows as pages as pay per views as chapters. Here is the page where you can find the New-NAW Page Show Results. New-NAW Page by Page

You can find New-NAW currently on its main channel Danny Jackpot's Youtube and The ITF as well as other special attraction PPVs on Biff Andreas's Youtube

In 2014 they would form the New-NAW Independent Training Facility along with Andreas Wrestling Productions.

T.Y.S.O.N was a league that started off being almost a joke, But was later evolved into a serious league. With the name change New-NAW, It was meant to gain some publicity. Since the name change, New-NAW has been referred to as the spiritual successor of The Very Original NAW in 2009. Though only few superstars from that era remain. Also New-NAW now has a forum. After several successful and cherished years in The Vivianverse it would eventually dissolve and New-NAW would launch The NAWverse in Summer of 2018.

Current Champions & Accomplishments

Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event Previous
New-NAW East Coast Championship XtremeTony (2) New-NAW Chapter 9 Lemarcus Carter
New-NAW Central Zone Championship Isaiah Ice New-NAW Chapter 10 Evan O'Shea
New-NAW Eastern Tag Team Championship Marcus Matrix & Dale Von Deuce (3) 4-25-19 New-NAW Chapter 10 Sudden Impact (Ryan Evans & Matthew Stone)
New-NAW West Coast Championship TJ Nicholson New-NAW Chapter 9 Joe Omega
New-NAW Mountain Range Championship Al Cabrera (2) New-NAW Chapter 10 Amir Barnes (2)
New-NAW Western Tag Team Championship The Pub Club (2) 5-31-19 New-NAW Page 39 The Dark Carnival (Shane Corson & Akuma Santos)
  • This is a list of former championships or accomplishments used in New-NAW over its years.
Championship Final Holder Date Ended
ACWL World Heavyweight Championship Steven Raden 6-22-2018
New-NAW Cruiserweight Championship Jack Toss 6-22-2018
New-NAW Hardcore Championship Bret Hart 6-22-2018
New-NAW One Survivor Tournament Winner Norm "The Storm" Dailey 12-22-2015
New-NAW CAW Search Winner(s) Joe Omega & Slag


Triple Crown Winners

  • Steven Raden
  • Norm "The Storm" Dailey
  • Zach Starr
  • Joe Omega

New-NAW Pay Per Views

Every New-NAW Pay Per View in its history. Breaks between the list is to show when NAW would be on a hiatus. The year the pay per view happened is by in parenthesis. In 2014 New-NAW would start a series of side Pay Per Views which would be special attraction Pay Per Views and a break from the normal New-NAW action.

Management / Staff

The following are those few who are signed to New-NAW under a management position or have a non wrestling role.

Superstar Name Duties & Accomplishments
S8-dannyjackpot.png Danny Jackpot
  • New-NAW Executive Chairman
S8-ricardorodriguez.png Ricardo Rodriguez
  • New-NAW Backstage Interviewer
  • Former New-NAW Hardcore Champion (1x)
Michael Cole.png Michael Cole
  • Current New-NAW Official Commentator
  • Former New-NAW Backstage Interviewer
Legends-jerrylawler.png Jerry "The King" Lawler
  • Current New-NAW Official Commentator
Dr. Pain.JPG Dr. Pain M.D
  • Official New-NAW Physician
  • Former New-NAW Hardcore Champion

New-NAW Alumni

Below is all New-NAW Superstar's that were ever officially contracted by New-NAW. It does not mention any superstar's who were only guest or one time appearances in New-NAW.

Superstar Name Title History & Accomplishments
3. Link.jpg Link
  • Former New-NAW Intercontinenal Champion (1x)
SLD SubZero.png Sub Zero
  • None
3. Joker.jpg The Joker
  • None
Nawdogg.jpg Road Dogg Jesse James
  • Former New-NAW World Champion (1x)
  • Former New-NAW Hardcore Champion (2x)
Tysonwh.png Tyson
  • Former New-NAW Hardcore Champion (1x)
Deannaw.jpg Simon Dean
  • Former New-NAW Tag Team Champion (1x)
  • Former New-NAW Hardcore Champion (1x)
Richard Bennettt.jpg Richard Bennett (Tyson's Father)
  • None
John Laurinitus.jpg John Laurinaitis
  • None
Clay.jpg Brodus Clay
  • Former New-NAW Tag Team Champion (1x)
  • Former New-NAW Hardcore Champion (1x)
Shane-McMahon.jpg Shane McMahon
  • Former Supervisor of New-NAW
  • Former New-NAW Hardcore Champion (1x)
Nawslag1.jpg Slag
  • CAW Search Winner
  • Former New-NAW Hardcore Champion (1x)
Nawgaret1.jpg Garet Shetty
  • Former New-NAW Hardcore Champion (1x)
Heath Slater.png Heath Slater
  • Former New-NAW Hardcore Champion (1x)
Stevierichardswh.png Steven Richards
  • Former New-NAW Hardcore Champion (1x)
Raven Raw.jpg Raven
  • Former New-NAW Hardcore Champion (2x)
Steph.png Stephanie McMahon
  • Former Supervisor of New-NAW
Refadams.png Referee David Adams
S7-bigshow.png Big Show
  • 1x New-NAW World Champion, 5x Hardcore Champion
Shelton Benjamin.jpg Shelton Benjamin
  • 1x New-NAW Cruiserweight Championship, 1x Hardcore Champion
S7-drewmcintyre.png Drew McIntyre
  • 7x Hardcore Champion
Nawbrown.jpg Monty Brown
  • 4x Hardcore Champion, 1x Intercontinental Champion
S7-antoniocesaro.png Antonio Cesaro
  • 1x Intercontinental Champion, 2x Tag Team Champion, 1x Hardcore Champion
S7-jackswagger.png Jack Swagger
  • 2x Tag Team Champion, 1x Hardcore Champion
Walt-jesse-bros.jpg Breaking Bad
  • 2x Tag Team Champions

Awards in CAW

  • CAW Mainstream CAW Show of the Week
    • New-NAW Mayhem 17 (July 8th - July 14th 2013)
    • New-NAW Velocity 54 (July 21st - 28th 2013) (Tied)