About Tournament

The second official One Survivor Tournament since New-NAW would open up. Like the previous tournament, the event holds 16 different competitors with the winner receiving a guaranteed World Title shot anytime they want. The competition includes members of the New-NAW roster as well as alumni from New Age Wrestling's past. This tournament was all onw show, making it one of the biggest New-NAW PPVs at the time.

Tournament Production

Unlike last years tournament, all matches were conducted away from shows and the tournament was a special attraction with the same stakes as last year. The tournament was done through the process of a few weeks.


The winner of the tournament will receive a shot at the New-NAW World Title.


First Round

Shelton Benjamin def The Crippler [Pin]
Sunny Meadows def The Joker [Pin]
Steven Raden def Matt Eichorn [Pin]
Biff Andreas def Link [Pin]
Jack Swagger def Romado [Pin]
Zach Starr def Mr. Anderson [Pin]
Tony Cole def Pornoman [Pin]
Drew McIntyre def The Suspect [Pin]*

Quarter Finals

Shelton Benjamin def Sunny Meadows[Pin]
Steven Raden def Biff Andreas [Pin]*
Zach Starr def Jack Swagger [Pin]
Tony Cole def Drew McIntyre [Pin]*

Semi Finals

Shelton Benjamin def. Steven Raden [Pin]
Zach Starr def. Tony Cole [Pin]


Zach Starr def. Shelton Benjamin [Pin]


  • During the Drew McIntyre vs Suspect match, Suspect was attacked before he could enter the ring, but Suspect insisted that the referee begin the match despite his injuries. The same result nearly occurred in the Tony Cole vs Drew McIntyre match when Drew attacked Tony backstage, but Tony managed to defeat McIntyre nevertheless.
  • Steven Raden vs Biff Andreas originally ended in a Double Countout, so Biff insisted that the match be restarted. When the match started over, Raden pinned Andreas via rollup.