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NAEW (North American Elite Wrestling) is a defunct CAW league established in 2019 by CAW legend Danny Jackpot. NAEW showcased both veteran and rookie original CAW talent such as Lemarcus Carter, The Suspect, XtremeTony, El Noveno, Marcus Matrix and Corporate Alien. NAEW was originally one brand called Underground, but then later aired multitude of shows and specials.

NAEW is still available to watchon YouTube and/or on Danny Jackpot's official Twitch page. In 2020, NAEW would split its roster into two companies, the second being Extreme Virtual Wrestling. On April 20, 2021, owner Danny Jackpot announced the closure of NAEW, with its "Pandemic Special" cited as the last NAEW event. In its place would be a new promotion called "Undisputed Wrestling".


  • NAEW Champion: Joe Omega
  • NAEW Maple Leaf Champion: Monster Messiah
  • NAEW Canadian Tag Team Champions: Amir Barnes & Silver Prince
  • NAEW All American Champion: Chris Snyder
  • NAEW United States Tag Team Champions: Brave In Death (El Noveno and Billy Bowers)
  • NAEW Brutality Champion: Connor James
  • NAEW Divas Champion: Gail Anderson
  • NAEW Juniorweight Champion: Marcus Matrix

NAEW Roster

NAEW Showdown Show Logo

NAEW Roadblock Show Logo



NAEW Shows

  • Showdown 5 Episodes
  • Aggression 5 Episodes
  • Forward 3 Episodes
  • Underground - 8 Episodes
  • Roadblock - 5 Episodes
  • Live on Twitch! - 5 Episodes
  • House Shows Live! - 6 Episodes
  • Brutality Inivtationals - 2 Episodes

NAEW Major Events

  • Pilot Season
    • NAEW Upstart
    • NAEW Second in Command
    • NAEW Three"s Not Enough
    • NAEW Four Score
    • NAEW Five Golden Rings
    • NAEW Sixth Sense