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BitchaMania 2007

Bitchamania 2007
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Promotion SMF
Theme Song Limp Bizkit-My Way
Last Event Royal Fumble 2007
Next Event The Great American Clash 2008

SMF Presents: BitchaMania 2007!

SMF Big Ass & Tits Championship, 4 lady elimination match: Britney Spears vs. Alayna vs. Laura Winslow vs. Candace Cameron

SMF Hardcore Championship: Boom © vs. Randy Orton

SMF TV Championship, Extreme Elimination Chamber: George Jefferson © vs. Bob Saget vs. KKKramer vs. Stefan Urquelle vs. Mr. Feeny vs. Carl Winslow

6 man tag team Hell in a Cell match: Fast Food Order vs. Ronald McDonald, Dave Thomas, & Papa John

SMF Lil' Bitch Championship: John Cena © vs. Boretista

No DQ, handicap or tag team match: Lashwell vs. Austinberg

SMF Legends Battle Royal, Winner Becomes 1st Inductee in the SMF Hall of Fame: Matthew Lesko vs. Richard Simmons vs. Brenton! vs. Michael Jackson vs. John Basedow vs. Louie Anderson

Buried Alive match: Clark Kent vs. Osama Bin Laden

SMF Tag Team Championship, Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder match: Right to Censor © vs. The Super Dingos vs. The Lawyu Boyz

SMF Texas Ranger Championship, Triple Threat match: Chuck Norris © vs. Bruce Lee vs. MacGyver

SMF Championship, 15 minute Iron Man match: The Rock © vs. George Bush


# Results Stipulations
Speed Al Qaeda (Ali Baba & Shindu Basa) defeated The Geico Cavemen (Harry & Larry) Tag Team match
1 Brenton defeated Matthew Lesko, Richard Simmons, Michael Jackson, John Basedow and Louie Anderson Legends Battle Royal
2 Boom (c) defeated Randy Orton Hardcore match for the SMF Hardcore Championship
3 Britney Spears defeated Alayna, Laura Winslow and Candace Cameron 4-Lady Elimination match for the vacant SMF Big Ass N Tits Championship
4 Ronald Mcdonald, Dave Thomas & Papa John defeated Fast Food Order (Burger King, Colonel Sanders & Hamburglar) 3 on 3 Hell in a Cell match
5 Clark Kent defeated Osama Bin Laden (with Lex Luthor} Buried Alive match
6 Bob Saget defeated George Jefferson (c), KKKramer, Stefan Urquelle, Mr. Feeny and Carl Winslow Elimination Chamber match for the SMF Television Championship
7 John Cena (c) defeated Boretista Singles match for the SMF Lil Bitch Championship
8 Austinberg defeated Lashwell (Bobby Lashley & Christopher Lowell) Handicap match
9 The Lawyu Boyz (Kerio Law & Teryo Law) defeated Right to Censor (Wollenburg & Jared) (c) and The Superdingos (Greg & Joey) Ladder match for the SMF Tag Team Championship
10 MacGyver defeated Chuck Norris (c) and Bruce Lee Triple Threat match for the SMF Texas Ranger championship
11 The Rock (c) defeated George W. Bush 15 Minute Iron Man match for the SMF Championship
  • 4 - Hamburglar turned against Burger King.
  • 5 - Lana Lang attacked Luthor. Luthor & Bin Laden kidnapped Clark.
  • 11 - Ultimate Bin Laden (after stealing Clark Kent and Captain Planet's powers) attacked The Rock & Bush. Ronald McDonald saved them.

Hardcore Madness

Boom, Hardcore Holly, The Godfather, Blue Ranger, Mankind, Michael Cole, Viscera, Crash Bandicoot, Gaw Gaw, Pete Gas, Tommy Vercetti, Hulk Hogan, Darth Vader, The Hurricane, Rob Van Dam, IceMG1K, The Big Show, Maven, Jeff Hardy, Jeff

BitchaMania 2008

Bitchamania 2008
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Promotion SMF
Date December 28, 2008
Venue Verizon Center
City Washington DC
Theme Song Downfall by Trust Company
Last Event Royal Fumble 2008
Next Event The Great American Clash 2010

SMF Championship The Green Ranger vs. The T-1000 © Hell in a Cell -If T-1000 wins, SMF is over forever, if Green Ranger wins, we may see another year of SMF.

SMF Action Star Championship The Rock vs. Triple H ©

10-Minute Iron Man Match for the SMF Hardcore Championship Barack Obama vs. George Bush© w/Super Bin Laden (2008 MITB Winner) as the Special Guest Referee

Grudge Match Boom vs. Chuck Norris

5-Way Womens Battle Royal for the BA&T Championship Julie the Rampage © vs. Alayna vs. Sarah Palin vs. Seven of Nine vs. Captain Janeway vs ???

Team WWE vs. Team SMF (Survivor Series Style Elimination Match) The New FFO(Ronald McDonald, Burger King, Col Sanders) vs. John Cena, Boretista and The Undertaker

TLC Match for the SMF Tag Team Championship Original Stable No.58 © vs. The Super Dingos

Extreme Elimination Chamber for the SMF Original Championship Plague © Vs. Teryo Law Vs. Wollenbump Vs. Wollenburg Vs. Shindu Basa Vs. Ali Baba

Caged TLC Fatal-4-Way Match for the SMF TV Championship Austinberg © vs. Bob Saget vs. Carl Winslow vs. KKKramer

SMF Legends Battle Royal and the winner will be inducted into the 2008 SMF Hall of Fame: Saddam Hussein vs. Jerry Springer vs. Bill Clinton vs. Jay Leno vs. Disco vs. ?????


# Results Stipulations
Speed Randy Orton defeated Captain Picard Pose Down match
1 Adolf Hitler defeated Saddam Hussein, Jerry Springer, Jay Leno, Disco and Christopher Lowell Legends Battle Royal
2 George W. Bush defeated Barack Obama 10 Minute Iron man match for ownership of SMF
3 Julie the Rampage (c) defeated Alayna, Sarah Palin, Seven of Nine and Captain Janeway 5-Lady Elimination match for the SMF Womens Championship
4 Chuck Norris defeated Boom Singles match
5 John Cena, Boretista & The Undertaker defeated The New FFO (Ronald McDonald, Burger King & Colonel Sanders) Survivor Series Elimination match
6 Wollenburg defeated Plague (c), Teryo Law, Wollenbump, Shindu Basa and Mark Henry Elimination Chamber match for the SMF Original Championship
7 Original Stable No.58 (Chig Gambino & Flamin' Kyle) (c) defeated The Superdingos (Greg & Joey) TLC match for the SMF Tag Team Championship
8 Carl Winslow defeated Austinberg (c), Bob Saget and KKKramer Steel Cage match for the SMF Television Championship
9 The Rock defeated Triple H (c) Singles match for the SMF Action Star Championship
10 The Green Ranger defeated T-1000 (c) Hell in a Cell match for the SMF Championship
  • 1 - Lowell replaced Bill Clinton after he was attacked by George W. Bush
  • 2 - Clark Kent attacked guest referee Osama bin Laden before the match.
  • 3 - Britney Spears attacked Seven of Nine when she was in the final 2.
  • 4 - Boom & Norris were attacked by The Rob & Jellonation respectively.
  • 10 - A whole bunch of crazy shit happened in this match that I can't write about.

Hardcore Madness

George W. Bush, Barack Obama (3x), Big Bayne Machine, Kane, Edge, Firefists, Master Chief, Darth Vader, Spider-Man, Danny Jackpot, La Parka Jeff (6x), Jushin Thunder Liger, Greg, John McCain (2x), Tony The Referee

Bitchamania 2011

Bitchamania 2011
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Promotion SMF
Theme Song Paradise Circus Remix by Massive Attack and My Way by Limp Bizkit
Last Event Royal Fumble 2011
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The Official 2011 Bitchamania Card!:

Legends Battle Royal: Darth Vader def. Bill Clinton, Spider-Man, David Carroll, John Stamos and Adrian

SMF Big Ass & Titties Battle Royal: Julie the Rampage def. Lady Gaga and Jewel (c)

Team SMF vs Team WEDF & NAW: Bob Ross & Harry Potter and The Green Ranger def. Danny Jackpot , Bret Michaels and Zack Starr

SMF TV Championship-Elimination Chamber Charlie Sheen (c) vs. Bob Saget vs. Carl Winslow vs. Justin Bieber vs. Kramer vs. Edward Cullen

SMF CAW Search Match: Winner is named Ultimate CAW Idol Boom def. Plague and Kraneman

Bumpmeister Crazy Shit Match: Teryo Law vs. Mr. Wollenbump

Undertaker def. Christopher Lowell

SMF Tag Team Championship: TLC Match Awesome Stable (c) vs. Original Stable 58

George W. Bush (aka Captain Bush) vs. Zombie Ultra Bin Laden

SMF Action Star Championship-Battle Royal Chuck Norris (c) vs. Steven Seagal vs. MacGyver vs. John Cena vs. The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

SMF Championship-Hell In a Cell Iron Man Match Burger King (c) vs. Ronald McDonald


# Results Stipulations
Speed Captain Planet defeated Colonel Sanders SIngles match
1 Darth Vader defeated Bill Clinton, Spider-man, David Carroll, John Stamos and Adrian Legends Battle Royal
2 Julie The Rampage defeated Jewel (c) and Lady Gaga Triple Threat match for SMF Womens Championship
3 Bob Ross, The Green Ranger & Harry Potter defeated Bret Michaels, Danny Jackpot & Zach Starr 6 Man Tag Match Team SMF vs Team WEDF & NAW
4 Carl Winslow defeated Charlie Sheen (c), Bob Saget, Justin Bieber, Kramer and Edward Cullen Elimination Chamber match for SMF Basic Cable Championship
5 Boom defeated Plague and Kraneman Triple Threat Match match to crown The Ultimate CAW Idol
6 Teryo Law defeated Mr. Wollenbump Bumpmeister Crazy Shit Match
7 The Undertaker defeated Christopher Lowell Singles match
8 Original Stable 58 (Chig Gambino & Flamin' Kyle) defeated Awesome Stable (The Miz & Spike) (c) TLC Match for SMF Tag Team Championship
9 Captain Bush defeated Zombie Ultra Bin Laden Singles match
10 The Rock defeated Chuck Norris (c), Steven Seagal, MacGyver and John Cena 5-Man Battle Royal for SMF Action Star Championship
11 Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated The Rock (c) Singles match for the SMF Action Star Championship
12 Ronald McDonald defeated Burger King (c) 15 minute Ironman Hell In a Cell Match for the SMF Championship

Hardcore Madness

Bill Cosby,Darth Vader(3x), XtremeTony, Allan Caesar III, Bob Ross(3x), Stephanie McMahon(2x), Neil Patrick Harris, Dylan Connell, ArtemusRex, Dennis Austin, Colt Venom, Hayes Kwabena, David Bentz, James Holt, Crash the Puppy, Pillow, Spider-Man, Kane, Batman, La Parka Jeff

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