The SMF Championship is the top title in the Story Mode Federation.


Triple H was the first champion and John Cena never actually defeated Mr. Wollenburg for the belt but rather was just awarded it myseteriously in 2006.Austinberg Briefly won the SMF Championship at the Great American Clash 2008, Recognising Austin as a Three time World Champion

Most recently, The Burger King won the SMF Title from Shindu Basa after Osama Bin Laden screwed Shindu out of the match, causing The Burger King to win. Ronald McDonald won the SMF title after defeating The Burger King at SMF's last CPV Bitchamania 2011 in a 15 minute Iron man Hell in a Cell match thus making him last SMF Champion ever.

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Notes:
Triple H 1 Won the first SMF Title Ever
Stone Cold Steve Austin 1 Won it on a WAR Episode in 2002
The Rock 1 Won it in a TLC Match on SmackaDown after Austin was "killed"
Greg (Superdingos) 1 Won it at Bitchamania 2002
TheSilentGuy 1 Won it at Vengeance 2002
Greg (Superdingos) 2 Won it at Royal Fumble 2003
Mr. Wollenburg 1 Greg was stripped of the title, leaving Mr. McMahon to give the title to Wollenburg
John Cena 1 Cena overcame the odds of being the Default Champ in SVR2006.
Super Bin Laden 1 Cracklash 2007- Smackadown! Episode 8. Won with one punch (He had Clark Kent's powers).
George W.Bush 1 Cracklash 2007 - WAR Episode 9 (Was attacked by a masked man and forced to vacate the title)
Stone Cold Steve Austin 2 SmackaDown Episode 10 - Royal Fumble 2007
The Rock 2 Royal Fumble 2007
Stone Gold Still Austinberg 1 The Great American Clash 2008
Ronald McDonald 1 The Great American Clash 2008. Cashed in his Money in the Bank
Boom 1 War 2008 Episode 9. Cashed in his 2nd Kodak Prize also with the help of UWO's The Rob
T-1000 (HI-FI) 1 Royal Fumble 2008. Was believed to be Chris Lowell when winning but found out it was his cloaking ability
Bob Saget 1 SmackaDown! Episode 12. Won it controversially in a Fatal-4 Way. Ref Mike Hunt may have made a bad call
T-1000 (HI-FI) 2 SMF WAR Episode 13. Was believed to be Ronald MacDonald
The Green Ranger 1 Bitchamania 2008. TLC Hell in a Cell Match for the belt & for the fate of SMF.
Bob Sagat 2 Great American Clash 2010.Pinned The Green Ranger after a Tiger Cutter
Shindu Basa 1 Cashed in his MITB at the end of Great American Clash 2010.
Burger King 1 Royal Fumble 2011
Ronald McDonald 2 Bitchmania 2011 in a 15 Minute Ironman Hell In A Cell Match
The Rock 3 Defeated Ronald McDonald to win the championship.
T-1000 (HI-FI) 3 Defeated The Rock disguised as Donald Trump after he cashed in his Golden Ticket.
Ronald mcdonald jumping1
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