The Royal Fumble is an annual CPV for Story Mode Federation the Rumble match itself consists of thirty men, beginning with the two men who chose entry numbers one and two in the ring.At regular timed intervals, usually ninety seconds, one of the remaining 28 wrestlers enters the ring. Participants must eliminate all other opponents, and the winner of the event is the last wrestler remaining after all others have been eliminated.

Dates & winner

Date Winner Entry #
June 29, 2007 George W. Bush 19
August 30, 2008 The Green Ranger 22
February 20, 2011 Ronald McDonald 18

Royal Fumble 2007

The Great American Clash 2007
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Promotion SMF
Theme Song "Microwaved" by Pitchshifter
Last Event Cyber Sexy Summer
Next Event Bitchamania

The Card: SMF 2007 CAW Search Finalist Match: Jaxx vs. Boom

SMF TV Championship NoDq Match: Carl Winslow (c) vs. Kramer

SMF Texas Ranger Championship Cage TLC Match: Chuck Norris (c) vs. Steven Segal

SMF Championship Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs. The Rock

30 Man Royal Fumble Match The Winner goes into the main event at Bitchamania!


# Results Stipulations
1 Boom defeated Jaxx SMF 2007 CAW Search
2 John Cena defeated Boom (c) Singles match for the SMF Hardcore Championship
3 KKKramer defeated Carl Winslow (c) No Disqualification match for the SMF Television Championship
4 Chuck Norris (c) defeated Steven Seagal Steel Cage match for the SMF Texas Ranger Championship
5 The Rock defeated Steve Austin (c) Singles match for the SMF Championship
6 George W. Bush eliminated Osama Bin Laden last to win Royal Fumble Match
  • 2 - Chuck Norris awarded Boom the SMF Hardcore Championship.
  • 3 - Steve Urkel accidentally cost Winslow the match.
  • 6 - The Rock attacked Bush.

Royal Fumble results

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 Joey 3 Clark
2 Daniel 5 Feeny
3 Lance Bass 14 Ronald
4 Teryo Law 2 Clark
5 Bob Saget 1 Lance Bass & Clark Kent
6 Clark Kent 4 Shindu
7 Shindu Basa 7 Winslow
8 Carl Winslow 17 Khali
9 Mr. Feeny 9 Lance Bass & Ali Baba
10 Larry Caveman 6 Feeny
11 Colonel Sanders 8 Feeny & Lance Bass
12 Ali Baba 12 Winslow
13 Christopher Lowell 10 Ali
14 KKKramer 19 Bush
15 Greg 11 Ali Baba & Kramer
16 Ronald McDonald 15 Burger King & Jim Ross
17 Hamburglar 13 Lance Bass & Ronald McDonald
18 Jim Ross 16 George W. Bush & Burger King
19 George W. Bush N/A WINNER
20 Burger King 20 George W. Bush & Bobby Lashley
21 The Great Khali 18 KKKramer
22 Bobby Lashley 27 Cena
23 Chris Benoit 21 Bush
24 Mr. Wollenburg 22 Cena
25 John Cena 28 Bin Laden
26 Steve Urkel 24 Lashley
27 Jared Fogle 23 George W. Bush & John Cena
28 Kerio Law 25 Harry Caveman & Bobby Lashley
29 Harry Caveman 26 Lashley
30 Osama Bin Laden 29 Bush

Hardcore Madness

Boom (2x), John Cena, Jared Fogle, Larry Caveman, Bob Saget, Randy Orton, Hardcore Holly

Miscellaneous Facts

  • - Greg chose Joey instead of Daniel as his partner.

Royal Fumble 2008

Royal Fumble 2008
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Promotion SMF
Theme Song Faint by Linkin Park
Last Event Cyber Sexy Summer 2008
Next Event Bitchamania 2008

Final Card

SMF CAW Search 2008 Plague vs. Tyger Jr. The winner gets an SMF Contract 4 LYF!

SMF TV Championship Uncle Phil © w/ Hancock vs. Archie Bunker w/ Kramer

SMF Action Star Championship: Triple Threat Captain Picard © vs. The Green Ranger vs. Chuck Norris

SMF Championship Boom © vs. Chris Lowell

SMF Hardcore Championship Captain Janeway© vs. the 24/7 Rule

The 2008 Royal Fumble Match The Winner grabs a main event spot at Bitchamania


# Results Stipulations
1 Plague defeated Tyger Jr. SMF CAW Search 2008
2 Archie Bunker (with KKKramer) defeated Uncle Phil (c) (with Hancock) by count out Singles match for the SMF Television Championship. The title can be won by DQ or count out
3 The Green Ranger defeated Captain Picard (c) and Chuck Norris Triple Threat match for the SMF Action Star Championship
4 Chris Lowell defeated Boom (c) Singles match for the SMF Championship
5 The Green Ranger eliminated Ronald McDonald last to win Royal Fumble Match

  • 2 -.Super Bin Laden & Green Ranger attacked Hancock.
  • 5 - Triple H & Chris Lowell (T-1000) attacked the real Christopher Lowell.

Royal Fumble results

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 Chig Gambino 13 Feeny & Sanders
2 Shaggy 1 Greg & Bin Laden
3 Super Bin Laden 9 Bush
4 The Rock 20 Ronald
5 Greg 3 Chuck Norris & The Rock
6 Chuck Norris 6 Bin Laden
7 J.J. 2 The Rock & Bin Laden
8 Uncle Phil 4 The Rock
9 Joey 5 Gambino
10 KKKramer 7 The Rock & MacGyver
11 MacGyver 8 The Rock & Chig Gambino
12 Burger King 10 Gambino
13 George W. Bush 15 Rick Astley & Sanders
14 Captain Picard 11 The Rock & Zack Morris
15 Zack Morris 12 The Rock & John Cena
16 John Cena 27 Ronald
17 Mr. Feeny 14 The Rock & Sanders
18 Colonel Sanders 16 The Rock
19 Mr. Wollenjew 17 Cena
20 Rick Astley 18 Green Ranger & Sammy
21 Sammy 19 Green Ranger & Daniel
22 The Green Ranger N/A WINNER
23 Daniel 21 Green Ranger
24 Ronald McDonald 29 Green Ranger
25 Carl Winslow 22 Ronald
26 Austinberg-oompa 23 Green Ranger & Bob Saget
27 Bob Saget 25 Cena
28 Michael Phelps 24 Green Ranger & Ronald McDonald
29 Randy Orton 28 Green Ranger & Ronald McDonald
30 Freddy 26 Green Ranger & John Cena
  • 24 - Ronald wrestled in his original attire.

Hardcore Madness

Captain Janeway, Darth Vader, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Bill Nye, Umaga, random Japanese guy, Niko Bellic

Miscellaneous Facts

  • - The search for Jamie-Lynn Spears' baby daddy continues

Royal Fumble 2011

Royal Fumble 2008
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Promotion SMF
Date February 20, 2011
Theme Song
Last Event Cyber Sexy Summer 2010
Next Event Bitchamania 2011

The 2011 Royal Fumble is here! What will happen here tonight as:

-Kraneman and Chubby Carlos made it to the final round in the CAW Search. Which one will walk away the SMF Champion?

-SMF Champion Shindu Basa was hit by a car on WAR/Smackadown. Who was behind it? And will this effect tonight's SMF title match?

-We finally FINALLY see an end to the Lawyer and Boom/Danny Jackpot feud. Who will become the SMF Tag Team Champions tonight in a TLC Match?

-SMF Hardcore Champion Water is in the Hardcore madness will be here tonight!

-Rumor has it that President Barack Obama will be in the house. What will he say?

-Who will win the Royal Fumble to go on to Bitchamania?

Confirmed Matches: SMF CAW Search: Winner gets an SMF Contract Kraneman vs. Chubby Carlos

SMF Tag Team Championship- TLC Match The Lawyerz (c) vs. Boompot

SMF Championship Shindu Basa (c) vs The Burger King

The 30-man Royal Fumble match!

Rumors that more matches will be on the card tonight!

The Royal Fumble match.


# Results Stipulations
1 Kraneman defeated Chubby Carlos SMF CAW Search 2011
2 Boompot (Boom & Danny Jackpot) defeated The Lawyu Boyz (Teryo Law & Kerio Law) (c) TLC match for the SMF Tag Team Championship
3 Chuck Norris defeated Danny Jackpot (c) Singles match for the SMF Action Star Championship
4 Justin Bieber defeated Gene Lionheardt (c) Singles match for the SMF Basic Cable Championship
5 Burger King defeated Shindu Basa (c) Singles match for the SMF Championship
6 Ronald McDonald eliminated Osama Bin Laden last to win Royal Fumble match
  • 3 - Steven Seagal attacked Norris.
  • 5 - Osama Bin Laden attacked Shindu. He was then double crossed by General Dingos.
  • 6 - Bin Laden and Shindu kidnapped Ronald.

Royal Fumble results

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 Edward Cullen 1 Austinberg
2 Austinberg 3 Joey
3 Hipster JJ 2 Austinberg
4 La Parka Jeff 4 Joey & Kyle
5 Joey 28 Ronald McDonald & Bin Laden
6 Marty McFly 5 Joey & Kyle
7 Flamin' Kyle 22 Ronald
8 Spike 9 Joey, Flamin' Kyle & Daniel
9 Mr. Rogers 6 Kyle
10 The Green Ranger 7 Joey
11 Bob Saget 8 Kyle
12 Daniel 10 Joey
13 Sephiroth 12 Joey & Flamin' Kyle
14 Justin Bieber 11 Joey, Flamin' Kyle & Sephiroth
15 El Chacal 13 Joey, Flamin' Kyle & Don Francisco
16 Don Francisco 14 Joey & Flamin' Kyle
17 Greg 15 Joey, Flamin' Kyle & Ronald McDonald
18 Ronald McDonald WINNER
19 Chig Gambino 17 Joey & Ronald McDonald
20 Randy Orton 16 Flamin' Kyle & Ronald McDonald
21 Backtracer 18 Joey & Ronald McDOnald
22 Teryo Law 19 Joey & Flamin' Kyle
23 General Dingos 20 Joey & Flamin' Kyle
24 The Rock 21 Ronald
25 George W. Bush 26 Joey, Ronald McDonald & Bill Cosby
26 Boom 23 Joey
27 Bill Cosby 27 Joey & Ronald McDonald
28 Ceelo Green 24 Ronald McDonald & George W. Bush
29 Jeff G. 25 Joey
30 Osama Bin Laden 29 Ronald
  • 4 - Jeff replaced Ahmed Johnson who was attacked by Randy Orton.
  • 6 - Marty replaced Kevin Nash after he injured himself walking to the ring.

Hardcore Madness

Water, Angry Bird, Scott Pilgrim, Kevin Arnold, Woody, Christopher Lowell, Epic Asian Guy, Kraneman

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