Sulley Anderson
Names Sulley Anderson
Sulley "The Big Man" Anderson
Height 6'3
Weight 267 lbs
Born November 2nd, 1976
Birthplace Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Resides Sapulpa Oklahoma
Billed from
Trained by The Dory Funk Jr. Gym
Debut 2014
Retired N/A

"I've got a big cock and an attitude." - Sulley Anderson

Sulley "The Big Man" Anderson is an upcoming CAW superstar signed to DCO. He is not to be confused with Tommy Slutborn, who has the same nickname.

Finishers and Signature Moves

  • Punch
  • The Knife Edge Chop


  • He's a funny guy.
  • tompkinson

Championships & Accomplishments

Entrance Themes

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