TEF SuperBrawl 3 results

live in madison square garden,new york city

day 1 results

britney spears def blaze

GX (megaman x and zero) def ryu and ken to win the tag team championship

sakura def rouge

day 2 results

nightwing def guile,johnny cage,eminem,50 cent and shadow in the money in the bank ladder match

amy rose def blackfire to retain the womens championship

ghost rider def darth vader to retain the interstar championship

(TEF)apocalypse def (wwe)edge and (tna)kurt angle in a battle of the brands match

day 3 results

luigi and tails def mini bowser and chaos

bowser def pacman

kunckles def johnny test to retain the hardcore championship

link def ganondoft in a three stages of hell

ganondoft def link in a hardcore match 1-0

link def ganondoft in a hell in a cell match 1-1

link def ganondoft in a last man standing match 1-2

edward elric def batman,mario and "HBH"sonic to win the TEF championship in a fatel four way match

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